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upscale dinner anywhere in LA

best place for an upscale but not overly gourmet dinner anywhere in LA ie not a tasting menu not french or too fussy more general american or somewhere that has at least one relatively plain fish dish

advice please! thank you!

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  1. Lucques, Hatfield's, the new AOC?...

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    1. re: FranklinJefferson

      hatfield's only has one fish dish on the dinner menu -- it is slow roasted, and in general i am looking for a healthier option. that's why i lean toward places that have a grilled option -- somewhere like mastro's or hillstone. lucques is a good suggestion -- it's on my shortlist along with craft. i didn't realize the new aoc was open -- will add it to the list.

      1. re: Thor123

        thank you for the suggestions -- i'm not wild about italian -- i like it if there is a healthy choice but i'd prefer not to eat a very heavy or rich meal. i go out to eat often, and i want to be able to eat a regular dinner even at a special occasion place which providence, melisse etc are not right for me.

        the other people i'm dining with however do enjoy rich food.

        1. re: ipsedixit

          that's exactly what i want -- more places exactly like water grill that aren't in fact water grill. i thought roy's hawaiian might be a good fit for me along with some of the sushi places in little tokyo.

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              nothing it's great, but i want more places like that -- i am going out 3-4 a week and would like variety.

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                  will do! menu looks great -- i'll check it out in the next month.

          1. re: Dirtywextraolives

            i had the impression it was very loud and a little too gourmet -- for example i like gjelina but it's a little much for me, and i generally prefer food that's a little simpler as well as a restaurant that allows subsitutions. that said i just looked at the menu for tasting kitchen, and i'll add it to my shortlist.

            1. re: oohmoomin

              It can get loud but if you have a reservation on the early side, it is fine. Food is described simply but executed spectacularly.

            1. Reading through this thread now, while I stand by Il Grano as your best bet, it is Italian...

              For American, there is Catch and Hungry Cat...

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                i looked at the menu for hungry cat -- yelpers seem to strongly prefer the hollywood location. any preferernces? i'll give catch a try -- i do like FIG.

                1. re: oohmoomin

                  i'll check out il grano in the next few weeks -- thank you for all the suggestions

                  1. re: oohmoomin

                    Hollywood location for some reason has better quality food

                2. How about Craft?

                  Edit: Oops, I missed your comment about it being on the shortlist :)

                  Cafe Pinot might also work for you. Or Jar?

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                  1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                    again great suggestion -- that's exactly what i want -- places like craft -- maybe a little under the radar too.

                  2. Consider Madeo. True it's Italian, but it needn't be heavy, has fish, and very pleasant ambiance.

                    1. Providence, The Ivy, Cut

                      1. Water Grill, Tasting Kitchen, Gjelina

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                        1. re: AlkieGourmand

                          gjelina, a favorite restaurant of mine,
                          would fall into the <<too fussy>> category.

                          also, their policy of making no substitutions or changes to any of their menu items could well make it very difficult for someone seeking out a <<relatively plain>> dish.

                        2. If you enjoy steak, you cannot go wrong at CUT (and I am bored out of my mind at most steakhouses). For fun, food and consistency, our overall favorite restaurant in LA for several years running, and we've eaten at Melisse, Lucques, AOC, etc. Just thinking about the petit filet with pepper sauce makes me want to hop on a plane. Great vibe, wonderful hostess (Michelle). Was persuaded to taste the mac and cheese recently, which I had zero interest in, and I could not stop taking more bites. My adult son never passes up the banana creme pie for dessert.

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                          1. re: gateau

                            I know that others have had a different experience at CUT, but the one time we were there, not only was our food poorly prepared, we were treated to unconscionably rude service. Additionally, the room can be terribly loud. We will not return.

                            1. re: josephnl

                              Surprised and sorry to hear that. We are very selective diners, have eaten in many great restaurants in London, Paris, New York, and LA have never had a bad experience at CUT, most recently this month.