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Feb 15, 2013 05:05 PM

lunch and dinner on the westside

i'm new to chowhound and looking for something relatively specific. i want a nice restaurant (price range from hillstone to mastro's) with a non trendy and casual vibe -- somewhere i will feel relaxed. i personally am looking for excellent grilled fish, probably salmon, but the other diners will eat anything as long as it is very good. bottom line i want relaxed vibe and at least one fish dish -- i have liked upper west and hillstone. help please! thank you! this is for both lunch and dinner

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  1. Check out places like Tavern on San Vicente and Napa Valley Grille in Westwood Village or Westside Tavern

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      thanks for the recommendations -- i'm headed to tavern for brunch tomorrow. i've walked by westside tavern when i'm at the movie theater, and i've heistated to head there for lunch because it's in the mall, but i'll reconsider. i don't know napa valley grille -- i'll check it out.

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        i like FIG and rustic canyon -- milo&olive looks great but is mostly pizza or pasta, and i usually eat vegetables and fish. thank you for the suggestions --

      2. Catch at Casa del Mar, The Brentwood, Tavern, Wilshire.

        1. il Grano in West LA is Italian leaning towards fish and seafood. Not cheep, but less than mastro's and very good.

 they serve lunch and dinner. Just west of the 405 on Santa Monica Blvd. No lunch on Saturday.