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Feb 15, 2013 04:54 PM

mint in tarrytown?

A friend mentioned to me that she's like to try it, but I can't find much info on line about it. Can any of you CH'rs please help me out with info on what it's all about, and how one goes about eating there on a Sat night? Reservations?? Thanks!

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    1. Not sure if you have seen this, the info is more recent, albiet it's yelp.
      I went in once after they moved into their new space and was completely ignored while the revered owner and staff totally ignored me as they were busy fawining over regular customers....have not been back. Sorry I can't offer you more.

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        I picked up an iced tea and a grilled (stinky) cheese panini earlier this week from mint. The tea was chamomile that had been brewed with fresh mint and was one of the best iced teas I have had anywhere. The cheese in the panini was ridiculously good as well.

        The owner of the store was very nice to me and offered me dried raspberries to munch on, also beyond words good and a few cheeses to try while I waited for my order.

        I think that I got the whole place wrong during my first visit. The owner of the store is laid back not rude and for the most part I observed him treating regular customers and non regulars the same. Even if I hadn't observed this, kissing the asses of regulars is pretty standard operating procedure in the restaurant business.

      2. Here's a very detailed report on breakfast at Mint. I posted a reply about my own experience there.


        1. Wow, never heard of the place... The tables on the photos on Yelp look cramped-- what kind of a space are the tables in? Is it comfortable? How is the service for a sit-down meal there?

          I can't see the menu even though there is a photo of it on Yelp... Anyone have a larger photo of the lunch menu? The food pix look very good!