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Feb 15, 2013 04:53 PM

Tesar's Fish: Wine List?

I'm dining at John Tesar's Fish tomorrow night and am looking for information about the wine list. Can't seem to find any other than a brief mention in a few reviews that it's on an iPad. Anyone been that can recall much about the list?

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  1. Sorry, it should be John Tesar's Spoon, his new fish centric restaurant.

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      i was seriously wondering if the name had been changed--would make so much more sense!

    2. Although this post is a little dated I thought I'd weigh in as I just dined there last week. Firstly on the wine list. I was really well chosen, but really, really pricey. The list is on an ipad which I liked. To give you perspective on wine pricing, there were 2 items on the low end that I have in my cellar that I was interested in as I know they are good. Thomas Sancerre... I paid $20. on list for $70. Moet 1992 vintage champagne. I paid $65... on list for $350. However, the somm. knew her stuff and gave a great rec. I asked her for a white rec. that would go with all the fish courses that was bang for the buck. and she recommended a Nigl Gruner for $60. Perfect choice.

      Now to the food. Dined on oysters which were pristine. Crudo sampler which contained Geoduc, tunua, and live diver scallops with truffle which was the best dish of the night. All the crudo was of utmost freshness and wonderful preparation. Followed by grilled octopus which was really tasty. My daughter had the fresh pasta with crab which was the best seafood pasta dish I have ever had. I had Sturgeon and Griblice sauce and it was terrific. I had Avacodo Ice Cream with Grapefruit. (inventive and great). It was fairly pricey, but as good of cooking as one can find in Dallas.

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        I've been meaning to post a review of our meal there but just haven't had the time. I generally agree with your remarks on the wine list. Nicely selected, a tad on the small side given the quality of the food, but the mark up really does stand out. As one would expect given the cuisine, the list is heavier on the whites than the reds, and the reds that are there tend toward the lighter end of the spectrum. The whites seemed about equally divided between American and French wines with a smattering of wines from elsewhere. But there seemed to be a hollow point in the list in the area of white Burgundies from the Cote d'Or. Not nearly as much from there as I would have expected, nor much in what I regard as the white Burg sweet spot of $150 - 250. I did speak with the sommelier about that and she indicated that their inventory in Burgundies was a bit low and that they would have more soon. (I quite liked her by the way, and she did indeed seem knowledgeable.)

        We did the tasting menu and hopefully when I get my menu card located, I can post about each dish and the wine matches with each dish. But the food was uniformly good, with some courses being very, very good. The wine matches were about what one would expect given that they were by and large from the by the glass selection and the lower half of the wine list by price range. But most all paired very well with the courses that they accompanied even if they weren't life altering, mind blowing wines standing alone.

        If there was a weak spot it was the service. No big issues, apart from the wines not arriving timely for a few courses. But given the quality of the food, the mark up on the wine, etc., the service lagged just a bit behind the quality of the rest of the meal. Maybe just not quite polished enough or seamless enough, perhaps. But it wouldn't at all keep me from returning. But the wait staff service (not the sommelier) seemed a bit lackadaisical given the top notch quality of everything else.