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Feb 15, 2013 04:42 PM

Annual Maui Sojourn

Off to Maui again this year for our annual mid-March visit. Any new dining options open in the past year that we shouldn't miss? Any new roadside fruit stands or blue-plate trucks we should seek out? Thanx for the

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  1. Amasia at the Grand Wailea is a new Alan Wong place. Not cheap but good.

    1. I know the Gogi taco truck (not to be confused with the L.A. Kogi truck) is on Maui now after originally being on Oahu. And like sal_acid said, Amasia is open at the Grand Wailea.

      1. Thanx for the tips, sal_acid and killersmile. Friends are on the island now and it's been 84 degrees all week. Can't wait to get there and thaw out :=) Will give Amasia a try. Probably for lunch first, if they're open.

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