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Feb 15, 2013 04:14 PM

Suggestions for thin (1/2'') thick boneles duck breast

Normally I would score, then render skin side down in a cold cast iron pan. But these being unusually thin the flesh would overcook before the skin became properly crisped. Thinking to marinate, and grill them. Any other ideas? TIA.

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  1. Could you remove the skin and cook it crispy, then julienne the duck and do a stir-fry?

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      It was 1/2" thick including the skin so after trimming there would be little left. I have another whole breast in the freezer so I'm going to confit it, and crisp it on a hot pan.

    2. I ended up marinating it with apricot preserves, orange-infused balsamic, and fresh thyme. Between the sugar from the preserves, and the subcutaneous fat it went up like a torch on the grill. 7 minutes later it was a nice mid-rare under the inedible skin. Just wondering what preparation works for this particular cut. Maybe a roulade?

      1. I did some duck breasts tonight that were about 1/2" thick, scored and skin down over medium low heat in a nice heavy pan. They didn't over cook... The fat seems to insulate the meat until its rendered. I had nice crispy skin.

        1. with thin breasts I remove the skin entirely, panko coat them, and pan fry into a Duck Schnitzel

          1. Star of Siam in Las Vegas makes a wonderful thin boneless duck breast, coated with rice flower, deep fried, sliced, and served with a minty, sweet and salty cilantro sauce. Delish!