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Feb 15, 2013 03:13 PM

What are some of your favorite "spicy" recipes?

Looks like SO is getting into a pretty steady travel schedule, so it's just me during the week. I'd like to use that time to make things that are either experimental (for me, which are probably things that are no big deal to most of you), or with flavors he doesn't like. One of those "flavors" is anything spicy or with a lot of heat. I like indian food (although I lack the resources to get the right ingredients usually), mexican/latin food, and thai food like red a good range of different "kinds" of heat/spice. I don't have a lot of recipes for these items since prior to a few weeks ago, I never had the opportunity to make them since SO was always home.

So, what are some of your favorite spicy/hot meals to make? Preferably ones that will reheat well the next day, and these will be weeknight meals so nothing that requires a ton of prep. I only have a small 3 qt crockpot which I've never used.

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  1. Have you considered a little fra diavolo sauce? It's a relatively mildish heat.

    Put a few tablespoons of olive oil in a pan, and cook til soft a medium yellow onion, 3 cloves garlic, and three finely diced pepperoncini peppers (like what you'd put on a salad)

    This mix can go into your slow cooker with
    two 15 oz cans of diced tomatoes
    big pinch of salt
    pinch of savory (or oregano, adjust to your taste)
    big pinch of thyme
    small pinch of sugar
    1/2 cup of wine (I like a dry white, but whatever)

    Let that cook together on low for a few hours and taste. Is it hot enough? You can tweak with red pepper, white pepper, and it's good on shrimp, chicken, pasta, what have you.

    I also like to throw capers in, and sometimes melt in a couple of anchovies while sauteeing the onions, etc, which I know merges on puttanesca, but hey, it's our party and we'll cook what we want, right?

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      Sounds very easy, and something I could even freeze into individual portions to use that way.

    2. Whenever mr bc is away, I'm craving hot and spicy too since he doesn't love the heat like I do. The very first dish I always make (and it reheats just fine) is Ma Po Tofu by Fuschia Dunlop.

      Another favourite, this time from Italy, is Pasta Puttanseca. This recipe from Gourmet is terrific:

      And this Jamie Oliver Recipe for his Fiery Dan Dan Noodles is quick and quite good:

      and finally, off for some Tex Mex w my absolute favourite soup recipe a Smoky Tortilla Soup. This started out as a Rick Bayless recipe but it was adapted (for the better IMHO) by Lisa Fain in her book The Homesick Texan. The recipe is here, towards the bottom of the page:

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        I was going to suggest dan dan noodles as well. There are many recipes for it. The link above is very different from what I do. I kind of just wing it and don't have specific measurements. If I use a protein I use chicken or shrimp. I find I like them served cold or room temp so left overs are a snap.

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          Thanks! These all look great.

          For the Dan Dan noodles, a couple of stupid questions...what is "dried chilli" and "1 stock cube". Is the stock cube like a bouillon cube?

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            the stock cube is a bouillon cube.

            the dried chilli is the flakes (or actual dried chillies, broken apart). for authentic szechuan "numbing" pepper ("ma la") taste, use ground szechuan peppercorns.

            so you can get some idea of the flexibility in the recipe, here are some variations.

            a pf chang's knock-off recipe for the dan dan noodles.

            also serious eats:
            that has a nice guide to some ingredients.

            i like this recipe, with a touch of sesame oil ('cause i'm a sesame oil lover!)

          1. I cook hot and spicy all the time. Do you like channa masala? It really tastes better the fol. day. You could pick up all the ingredients in a regular grocery store. Enjoy!

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              I have never had it, but I just recently discovered that I like chickpeas, so it looks delicious. Thanks!

            2. Lots of good ideas, why not try something North Anerican? I am making a Jambalaya right now....which I like spicy. It reheats pretty well too.

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                I've made jambalaya before, but I've found it doesn't really lend itself too well to weeknight cooking. I don't get home from work til 7 so anything that takes more than an hour is rough to do.