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Feb 15, 2013 02:12 PM

fried chicken

Where is the best in DC?

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  1. Rays to the Third, in Arlington. Courthouse Metro.

    1. Rays's is great because they smoke it before they fry it. But I'd say Little Ricky's Cuban fried chicken is now my favorite (near the Brookland metro).

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      1. re: eatdceat

        smoked before fried... hmmm may have to try this in a home cooking situation.

        1. re: eatdceat

          I've had that version at the Rays in DC ( now closed), but at the Rays in Arlington it was just fried. Did they change this?

        2. I need to get back there, but Flavors near Bailey's Crossroads. Takes 20 minutes from the time you order.

          1. Does chicken and waffles count? Because I really like it at Birch and Barley.

            1. Daddy Grace and Hitching Post.