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Feb 15, 2013 01:43 PM

Spectacular eggplant appetizer at Rose Kebab, Vienna

Rose Restaurant doesn't quite get the attention that Shamshiry does, but it's a very solid Persian grill in Vienna. Their Kashk-o-Badmejoon (eggplant dip with ) is the best that I've ever had in a restaurant. It's much more garlicky than I've had it elsewhere, which I suspect is a regional variation.

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  1. I wasn't too impressed with Rose, but maybe I just ordered the wrong things. (I had the filet mignon barg kabab, which was tough and underseasoned.) However, I have a few Persian-American friends here in NoVa and whenever a discussion comes up about good Persian food at a restaurant everyone always raves about Rose Kabab. I have always meant to go back and give it a second chance. Will be sure to check out the eggplant next time.

    I recently tried Darya Kabab in Sterling and really liked that place. I had their chenjeh kabab and it tasted just like well made fajita meat. I liked that they used skirt steak instead of random tough cuts of beef steak cubes like what you get at a lot of places. Had bites off of friends' plates and enjoyed the tasty marinated cornish hen and koobideh as well. Thought their chicken breast was a little dry, but I am not a huge fan of breast no matter what.

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      I don't get the kabobs there - not because they're not good- but I go for the stews which I can't find easily elsewhere.

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        Thanks for the tip on Darya Kabab, always on the lookout for new Persian places in the area! It's funny you bring up your impression, the last time we went to Rose my dad got the Barg Kabob and we also found it underwhelming. Their Kubideh is very good and cornish hen are very good, and the Gheymeh (sp?) which is a chickpea and beef stew is special. If you ask they'll give you taah deeg with it, though it's not always available (a very good sign at a Persian place, imo).

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          Yes, you need to call in advance to reserve the tahdig (bottom of the rice pot). it can be faked, but then it's not as good.