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Feb 15, 2013 01:34 PM

Do you have a fave in Murrells Inlet?

Are they basically the same or does one stick out? Thanks

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  1. I don't think they are the same. I had dinner last night at lees inlet kitchen ...opening night for the 65th season. I had grouper and inlet clam chowder with hush puppies. It was delicious. It is always a consistently delightful meal.
    Couple of weeks go we had guests in town and had a fantastic meal at Dockside. It was a lovely, elegant meal. I usually do a Fish with a pan sauce but I happened to do steak and it was cooked to a perfect medium rare s requested.
    Tomorrow after basket ball for our oldest we will have lunch at the hole in the wall is a dive...but a yummy one!!!! Or salt creek cafe which we consider our go to place.