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Feb 15, 2013 01:20 PM

Tahiti Nui

Ahh the Nui has always been a big part of our Kauai northshore adventures. I'm hearing dark things from the grape vine. Can it be true? Have they hired new management? Has Hollywood gone to their head? Wassup?

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  1. Hi, Bellachefa:

    No special knowledge here, but kālā rules, even on Kaua'i nei. Was a time when Black Pot (right behind the Nui) was the real deal.

    Wherevah kālā rules, authenticity and character disappear. Case in point: Ma's in Lihu'e.


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    1. re: kaleokahu

      i just love the way kaeokahu introduces hawaiian language and culture into his postings.

      for the malahini, "kālā" is translated as "mamon" in the bible, the 'almighty dollar' in popular speech. pronounced as two equal sylables Kah-Lah.

      Often used in pidgin:
      "eh brah, no can go kaukau, no mo kālā till friday 'as why."

    2. We've been on Kauai for a week, and our dinner tonight at Tahiti Nui was the WORST by far of anyplace we have eaten. The ono was overcooked and dry. I could have complained to the waiter, if it hadn't been so short staffed that we never saw him again. Terrible. What a waste of money. I left in a very bad mood. I would stay away.