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Feb 15, 2013 01:16 PM


Have to go to LV again and will be staying at the Bellagio Sunday to Wednesday, probably w/o car. Looking for artisnal coffee and bakery for pastries. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, ice cream and other dessert options would be good! All types of cuisines but must be ok with 501's and t-shirts.
Any suggestions within walking distance or will we starve?

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  1. I'd check into a rental, so you can get off the Strip.

    EAT, The Beat coffehouse, LeThai, are all downtown by Fremont Street.

    I've eaten a few times at the El Cortez having the $7.95 prime rib special.

    Tiffany's Cafe is on Las Vegas Blvd downtown. Good grub, open 24 hrs, and big portions.

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      Thanks for the prompt reply BIGGUNDOCTOR, got a rental car today and have bookmarked your suggestions!

    2. You're staying staying center Strip, but you don't want to eat in any Strip hotel? And you want to be able to walk everywhere?

      That's your plan?

      Hahahaha! I hope you enjoy your four day fast.

      1. I think that if you're not willing to eat in any casinos (I assume that extends to chain restaurants, thinking specifically Margaritaville, which is the only non-hotel restaurant I can think of on the strip) you're in trouble on-strip. I guess you could eat in some of the restaurants in the Miracle Mile and Fashion Show mall, since those aren't casinos? But you won't find artisanal coffee or pastries. Maybe if you got a bus pass you could get off strip reasonably easily.

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          Thanks for your reply baderin. Now that I've obtained 'wheels' what would you suggest especially for the artisnal coffee, bakeries and breakfast?

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            Now you're talking...

            Patisserie Manon
            8751 West Charleston Boulevard #110
            Las Vegas, NV 89117

            Bonjour Bakery
            4012 South Rainbow Boulevard
            Las Vegas, NV 89103

            Layers Bakery Cafe
            665 S Green Valley Pkwy Henderson, NV 89052

            Great bakery and they serve Colorado River Coffee Roasters coffee. are located in Boulder City. Makes for a wonderful drive away from the strip and a reason to either see or visit Hoover Dam. Two great breakfast spots in Boulder City include Mel's Diner and The Coffee Cup.

            Luv-It Frozen Custard, a downtown institution.
            505 East Oakey Boulevard
            Las Vegas, NV 89104

            707 Carson Ave, Las Vegas, NV

            Hash House
            2605 South Decatur Boulevard #103
            Las Vegas, NV 89102

        2. Well, my friends and I routinely walk from Charleston to Fremont, and I have done the whole Strip, and back on Halloween in my Jerusalem cruisers, but it is a walk and a half.

          1. I'm not sure you'll find anything at the level of the better Portland or Seattle coffee shops, but there are several coffee places that are trying to improve the coffee situation in Las Vegas.

            The most popular and "serious" independent is probably Sunrise Coffee ( They also serve a vegan/vegetarian menu as well as pastries.

            Las Vegas off-the-Strip is not particularly strong for fine pastries. I'd rather go to Ronald's Donuts at 4600 Spring Mountain Rd., in the heart of Chinatown (not too far from Bellagio) for their humble and delicious donuts.