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Feb 15, 2013 12:39 PM

urgent call for restaurant recommendations

i am doing a research project for someone. this person commutes from healdsburg, california (sonoma county) to palo alto, california. route: 101, thru sf on park presidio and 19th avenue, down the peninsula on 280, then onto the stanford campus.

he wants to find healthy, mostly vegetarian (tho he eats fish), ideally organic and locally sourced, restaurants that are convenient to his route. he likes all cuisines, but especially asian and mexican. the price of meals is not an issue. these restaurants just must be easy to get to(close to his route) and park at and the food must be excellent.

they can be anywhere along the route.

any ideas????


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Plant Cafe. There's one just off the freeway in Mill Valley.

        Greens isn't far off that route.

        On Thursdays, the farmers market in San Rafael has lots of great food stands.

        1. I confined my search to south of GGBR

          Flea Street isn't too far off route, depending on how he gets to campus on the Palo Alto end.

          Sunrise Deli at 22nd ave and Irving St, 3 blocks off route - known as some of the best falafel

          Loving Hut, Irving and 7th - there are a lot of veg chinese places in that area, don't know them myself.

          There are a lot of asian places at Noriega and 19th. Some of these specialize in noodles, and you can have a very pleasant noodles with extra veg meal, but you're likely to get meat broth or similar. I've almost never seen "locally sourced and organic". When people say "healthy" they often thing asian isn't healthy - a slander - your friend like asian, but ? Do these places fit the request?

          West Portal is on that route. Clay Oven indian has a lot of vegetarian choices, although a place like that can be oily.

          Market and Rye - local sustainable focus on salads, west portal (4 blocks off route), seems perfect

          Lily's Creperie, 92 and 280, make yourself a custom veg crepe. I walked by it a few weeks ago, looks nice tasty fast, much beloved on yelp.

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            Parking around Irving and 7th can be a challenge.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              True, I missed that part of the request.

              It's a strange request the more I look at it. Mexican, but top rank with locally sourced ingredients? Asian, but with locally sourced ingredients? It's like the GF said "stop eating those in n out and burritos on the way back from work" and BF said "I'm hungry, it's a long drive, there's nothing around" and GF said "I bet chowhound knows". Realistically, to eat out healthily, there needs to be a change in habits - and a discussion about whether "locally sourced" means healthy.

              I hope I'm not projecting / making it all up.

              1. re: bbulkow

                There are Asian and Mexican places that use local and/or organic ingredients, they're just rare, not many of them are close to that route, and generally they don't have easy parking.

          2. I don't know San Rafael very well, but it's a hotbed of organic / local / sustainable / vegetarian restaurants. It would be worth your guy's trouble to spend a few hours wandering around downtown and looking at menus. Most of the restaurants are on Fourth St. between A and G.