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Feb 15, 2013 12:34 PM

Source(s) of rye berries, preferably organic, in the Boston area

I used to be able to purchase a variety of whole (not ground) grains usually in bulk, sometimes packaged, at the Fresh Pond WF. Not only is the shelf life longer than flour, but freshly ground flour makes for amazing flavor when you bake your own bread.

Yesterday I went shopping for some rye berries and found that the store had changed its bulk bin line-up and no longer carried rye berries in bulk or in packages (from say, Arrowhead or Bob's Red Mill). Can anyone suggest any alternate source of rye berries, preferably organic, in the area? Somewhere near the Belmont/Cambridge/Arlington/Lexington nexus would be the most convenient. Thanks!

(For extra credit, any local sources of whole grain corn (not popcorn) for grinding into corn meal? I have found a good online source but I would rather buy from a local brick-and-mortar store.)

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  1. Christina's definitely has rye berries. Not so sure about the whole grain corn. I believe that they could order you organic but probably do not stock them.

    1. Rye: try the Harvest Coop in Central Sq. No corn IIRC.