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Feb 15, 2013 12:10 PM

where to buy gum arabic, also amaro nonino

Two questions:
1. Where can I buy gum arabic?
2. Where can I buy amaro nonino?

in the "greater Lexington, MA area"?

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  1. Nonino isn't that hard to find, and for some reason, I've seen it recently in a lot of bars that never had much in the way of amari. One of the Fresh Pond liquor stores should have it. It has a nicely distinctive bottle, not hard to spot on shelves.

    1. If you hit a wall, I remember buying it last at Marty's over in Newton.. right next to that Whole Foods. I wouldn't count on finding in in Berman's or Busa in Lexington,

      As for Gum arabic,

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        I asked at the Allston Marty's once recently, and they checked both their stock and the Newton store (via computer), and they didn't have it in their system. They have it at Martignetti's on Soldiers Field Road, though, and at a better price than I found elsewhere.

      2. Gum Arabic in any Arbic grocery. Watertown sounds close.Ask for mastica.