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Feb 15, 2013 11:31 AM

ISO affordable 10kg bag of organic brown rice

I've been buying a 10kg bag of Tsuru Mai® Brown rice for less than $15/20 from a Chinese supermarket in Chinatown east for the past few years, but I'm hoping to find an affordable brand of organic brown rice (medium-short grain preferred) to switch to.

We eat a lot of rice, so I'm not interested in the small 2kg bags of rice you find in most grocery stores. Strictly Bulk at Pape and Danforth sell Lundberg organic brown rice in bulk and they said I could buy the large bag for 10% off the cost of the bulk rice, but wanted to see if there were any other cheaper options out there...


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    1. Foods for Life (Bloor and Runnymede)

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        Thanks Dean & MissBingBing...I'm on the east side so I'm hoping to find something closer to home, but if I can't find anything I may have to make a trek to the west side.

        I priced out how much a large bag of Lundberg rice would be from Strictly Bulk and it's over $40, so I'll have to keep looking.