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Feb 15, 2013 10:44 AM

How do you like to eat your Korean BBQ - plain, lettuce, rice?

What's your preferred method? I was recently introduced to the lettuce wrap method and it's great? How do you like your Korean BBQ?

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  1. lettuce, rice and spice paste

    1. I like to do it all different ways....some lettuce, some with rice some with lettuce and rice, some plain, etc etc Each way makes it different, and I like each one.

      1. I'm more of a rice girl. somehow I always make a mess of lettuce wraps.

        1. With a fork. Rice and plenty of kimchi to go with plus other interesting (read I don't know half of it is) banchan.

          1. I do some lettuce wraps and also some bites of meat with rice at the same meal. Love the sesame-kochujang dipping paste as well as the mixed soy sauce that come with the BBQ, as well as the banchan.