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How do you like to eat your Korean BBQ - plain, lettuce, rice?

What's your preferred method? I was recently introduced to the lettuce wrap method and it's great? How do you like your Korean BBQ?

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  1. lettuce, rice and spice paste

    1. I like to do it all different ways....some lettuce, some with rice some with lettuce and rice, some plain, etc etc Each way makes it different, and I like each one.

      1. I'm more of a rice girl. somehow I always make a mess of lettuce wraps.

        1. With a fork. Rice and plenty of kimchi to go with plus other interesting (read I don't know half of it is) banchan.

          1. I do some lettuce wraps and also some bites of meat with rice at the same meal. Love the sesame-kochujang dipping paste as well as the mixed soy sauce that come with the BBQ, as well as the banchan.

            1. I like wrapping it in lettuce the best, followed by as-is with kimchi.

              1. All. I do like lettuce because of the refreshing contrast. Rice is much easier to work with. Sometime, I just like to eat it plain. So to answer your question: Which do I like? I like all of them.

                1. IMO, fresh of the charcoal beef kalbi, and flaming hot kimchi with plain old steamed white rice is one of the most perfect food combos ever.

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                    I agree, especially when it's that lovely slightly sticky style rice

                  2. For the lettuce fans, is there a lettuce that you like best either for crunch or wrap ability?