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Feb 15, 2013 10:31 AM

Staying downtown -- transportation to Lockhart, etc.

I will be visiting mid-week and staying at the Adolphus downtown. I'd like to check out Lockhart, Smoke, and some other places I've read about on this board in the evening. I will not have a car. Will it be easy to take a taxi back and forth to these places? Anywhere comparable within walking distance downtown?

Thanks for any thoughts.

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  1. Taxi would be best for those places in Oak Cliff like Lockhart and Smoke. If you need to stay downtown and have the time to spare, you could try Pecan Lodge at the Farmer's Market.

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    1. re: air

      Pecan Lodge is the best BBQ in town, But remember, they're only open Thur-Sun 11:00-3:00. And during lunch time, always at least a half hour wait on line.

      Smoke is fantastic for what they do. Nothing else like them in Dallas.

      1. re: air

        Thanks. Read about Pecan Lodge, but unfortunately don't think I'll have that long for lunch.

        Will it be easy to catch a taxi back downtown from Lockhart or Smoke? (Will I need to call for a taxi?)

        1. re: JJ.

          In Dallas, most restaurants will be happy to call a taxi for you. Smoke, probably more so than Lockhart Smokehouse.

          However, be sure to get a business card from the taxi that takes you there and call the taxi company just before you finish your meal to shorten your wait time.

          And given a choice, I would personally choose Smoke over Lockhart Smokehouse.

          1. re: JJ.

            since smoke is in a hotel, i seem to recall seeing a taxi around, so that should be easy.