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Feb 15, 2013 10:27 AM

A question about Chinese fermented black beans

I'm wondering how long they keep. I have an unopened container that I've had in the fridge since the summer. Are they still usable? Thanks!

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    1. Yes, definitely. They are pretty much indestructible. I think they are fine; enjoy the wonderful flavor that comes from black beans!

      1. They can be kept for a long time. How long is long? I don't know, but typically speaking, it is not a problem to keep the opened containers for up to ten years in a refrigerator. I never had the chance to keep them that long. Usually they are gone by then.

        For an unopened container, you are definitely fine.

        1. Thanks, everyone, for your quick replies!

          1. I've had some in one of those glass jars with a rubber gasket and locking metal clasp for about 2 years - seem just fine. Between the salt and drying they could probably last for decades (like the dried food found in ancient tombs).