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Feb 15, 2013 10:17 AM

Omaha? Anyone?

Heading for Omaha this weekend. I liked the wine-shop bistro place (La Buvette?) in Old Market and M's was good. Are they still good?

What else is good in or near downtown Omaha?

Anyplace worth the cab fare from the Old Market/Convention Center area?

I'm not really into steakhouses or comically large portions. I like real mexican and vietnamese.

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  1. Yes, last time I was in Omaha La Buvette was still very good and M's was just okay, but we ordered the specials - not the regular menu. I am sure the locals can help you better than I can, but I love the Old Market and probably wouldn't stray.

    1. So, definitely ain't "real mexican" or "vietnamese," but my family lived in Omaha back in the 60's and our favorite restaurant was the Bohemian Cafe.

      We still go through Omaha occasionally to visit relatives, and never miss a visit to the Bohemian.

      Love the dumpling soup, the goulash, and so much more.

      Dad, in particular, can't get enough, and always takes a cooler to pack it full of "to go" items to take home.

      Of course, the rest of us are sick of hearing him grumble about how most of the waitresses no longer wear that traditional "Bohemian costume" any more.

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        We were in Omaha two days ago and based on this and other recommendations, ate at the Bohemia. Sorry to say, it was a big disappointment. I will say our entrees were delicious - goulash for DH, chicken livers with an amazing onion gray for me - but everything else was mediocre at best. His sauerkraut was okay, my sweet and sour cabbage was sweet enough to serve as a pie filling, and the Czech dumplings were essentially two large, thick slices of doughy bread.

        The service was puzzling - the place was only about half full, but it seemed as though they couldn't wait to get us out of there. We still had ample amounts of food on our plates and were still eating when the waitress asked if we wanted dessert. A few minutes later, while DH still had fork in hand, she asked if she could box anything up for us. We declined both offers, paid and left in less than 45 minutes.

        I'm sorry we didn't get to this place 20 years ago, it was probably really great at one time.

        1. re: judybird

          As one who once lived in Prague, that is, unfortunately for those of us with different ideas, exactly what Czech dumplings are: "thick slices of doughy bread." To the uproarish mirth of my Czech compadres, I once ordered a lone order of dumplings, expecting that surely there must be a gravy or something to accompany them, but no.
          As a fresh-off-the-interstate Omahan, as of four days ago, I'm looking for anything off this thread. Keep it alive, ye people of Nebraska!
          Thus far we've had a great meal at the Boiler Room, and that's about it.
          What else thrives in your fair city?

      2. Really late with a reply, but yes, there's good Mexican close to the Old Market. Go down 24th street and you'll be surrounded by local mexican restaurants from L to Q street. El Dorado and Don Gaby's are two of my faves.

        There's also a terrific Thai place (Laos Thai Market) on 24th as well that is worth a stop.

        1. The jaeger schnitzel or roast duck from The Bohemian Cafe. Small and cozy place with wonderful employees (the last time I went there, at least.) Also, Saigon Surface's bahn mi is the shit.

          1. Two other Vietnamese recommendations: Thai Orchid on south 84th near Giles (it's in a strip mall) and Salween Thai (also in a strip mall) off Saddle Creek.