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Feb 15, 2013 09:33 AM

Anyone been to new Covent garden market?

Know this place is very big on the wholesale front but do they have rarer tomatoes like san marzano and cuore di bue and some of the more exotic fruit and veg?

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  1. Hey UK2004

    Been several times

    What do you have in mind re: exotic fruit & veg? There are a couple of wholesalers that have fruit & veg from tropical countries

    There is one french wholesaler that has a great range of different veg, but on the whole it's one type of each thing, and so not the place for rarer tomatoes. but you never know, there are one-offs and also there's the thriving B2B part of new covent garden market which i don't really understand but could have what you are looking for

    go anyway, it's a great experience