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Feb 15, 2013 09:16 AM

Any one else notice the odd lack of organization of waitstaff at Ristorante Olivio in Arlington?

Do not know if this has happened to anyone else, but
this has happened twice to us already.

We had valentines dinner reservations last night and was seated in a small out of the way
corner served our bread and water by the bus boy and than forgotten about
till we went and asked if we could order.
The waiter apologized saying that we were not in her station and thought someone else
would have taken care of us.

The same thing happened to us about a month ago.
Again with the waiter saying we were not in her station and thought someone else
would have served us.
We did not have reservations at that
time so we thought it was just a one time thing.

What we noticed both times is that it looked like the waitstaff were not assigned a particular section.
We were in a smallish side room with about 8 tables and noticed there were
about 5 different waitstaff working the room. This, as a former waiter shocked me
as I myself was often assigned areas bigger than that to work on my own.

I can not blame the wait staff as once they realized they gave us okay service and the food was pretty yummy, but the lack of organization was
off putting.

Any one else have a similar experience or am I crazy? I often feel that as a cook and former wait staff whos mother and grandmother also worked as cooks and servers we have higher expectations than most restaurant goers.

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  1. They had another location which I frequented often. I went for the food which was great, the service was fair to good. I'm low maintenance when it comes to service. The owners wife is nice, speak to her. From what I remember the owner rarely leaves the kitchen.