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Feb 15, 2013 09:09 AM

Fish Frys

Well, Lent is here. And you know what that means. Fried fish. While I'm not exactly a practicing Catholic, it still gives me the excuse to eat fried goodness of Fridays. So, throwin this out there, where is your favorite spot for a good fish fry? Restaurants, churches, events, all suggestions welcome. I love Anchor, but that place is mental on Friday nights, even when it isn't Lent. Thanks for your recs!

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  1. Anchor does rate high, but practicing Catholics may want to avoid it as they fry in beef tallow.

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      Ward 6 in St. Paul has far superior fried fish than Anchor IMHO.

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        I love Ward 6, but I have to disagree. I had it last week and it was a mess. The breading was soggy on the inside, almost wet. It had no crisp bite whatsoever. Also, it did not stick to the fish at all. Just the back of the fork caused it to fall off and apart. All it all, I would have rather just had the fish w/o the breading as it had good flavor, texture, and taste. The fries were excellent as they always are there. Not sure what the issue was, but seemed to me oil may not have been hot enough or they forgot to possibly dip the fish in flour before the wet batter. It was later and the head chef had already gone home for the day.

        BTW: The Ward 6 Reuben can join the conversation as the Twin Cities best. Love their corned beef.

    2. I would be interested in NON-Church events

        1. How about American Legion or VFW? I pretty much only ever know about them if I happen to drive by and see the sign. The web was not helpful in this genre, unfortunately, but you could call.

          From an old news link:
          "Two more good resources for the Friday fish fry (sometimes just for Lent, sometimes year-round) are veteran’s organizations. American Legion Clubs that offer a fish fry include Posts in Excelsior, Chanhassen, New Brighton, and Wayzata. (For a full list of Posts in the state along with contact information, check the American Legions of Minnesota.) The second organization that can provide info on club fish fries is the VFW."

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            VFW in South St. Paul is magnificent!