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Feb 15, 2013 09:08 AM

ISO: smoked salmon bits

the discount stores (no frills, food basics) near me downtown used to sell smoked salmon in frozen packages. these were not nice slices fanned out on shiny cardboard, which are easy to find. these were the irregularly shaped end pieces and thick scraps that were perfect to chop up for omelettes, quiche, faux sushi, etc. and the stuff was less than half the cost per kg vs the pretty sliced packs. anyone know where they still sell these?

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  1. Not frozen, but the Loblaws near me occasionally has jars/small tubs of smoked salmon bits in the fish section (Jane and Dundas). The amount, I would say, would be about right for a quiche or a dip.

    1. Whole Foods in Hazelton usually has smoked salmon ends at the fish counter.

      1. Kristapson's in Leslieville sells bags of "bits and pieces" for like $5.

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          I often buy the bits from Kristapson's on Yonge near Fairlawn. The bag is more like $8 or so, but still a good deal.

        2. thanks all for the tips so far!

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            Kristapson's is the best smoked salmon in the city if not the continent. I think the "bits" are up to $9.50 now for 250 grams. Still a great deal. They often sell out of this size quickly and advise that the best times to buy are Thursday, Friday or Saturday when they are slicing. Yummy.

          2. All the fishmongers at the St. Lawrence Market sell it and it's very reasonably priced. I frequently purchase it to mix into cream cheese as a spread, use in a pasta filling or, pasta sauce.