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Feb 15, 2013 08:55 AM

Quick help please! What the heck is this roast?

I'm terrible when it comes to beef roasts. I find the names vary significantly from market to market and I'm never sure what I should pick up (plus I'm in a new area and my trusty butcher is now too far away). I wanted to make a pot roast today, and picked up this "rib oven roast" as I didn't see anything marked "chuck roast" which is what I would normally have grabbed. But now that I've got this at home, I'm not actually sure this is meant to be a braised roast.

Can anyone identify this roast for me and tell me whether I should do a dry roast instead of a braise?

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  1. Looks like a chuck eye roast. I'd go with a low - slow braise.

    1. That looks like a rib roast without the bones. Don't braise it, definitely dry roast. Wait for a few more to chime in and confirm but I think I got it right. Enjoy!

      1. Tj this looks like a rib roast to me. A prime rib without the bones. Because they are very tender by nature, you wouldn't typically braise this cut or, subject it too a prolonged cooking process. I'd give your supermarket a quick call to be certain but if this is a rib roast, you'd be much better off seasoning it w a nice crust and dry roasting it in your oven...or cooking it on the grill (but baby it's cold outside!!) ; )

        ETA: Hah, JP and I must have been typing at the same time!

        1. Yup, boneless rib. Roast medium rare.

          1. What was the price per kg TorontoJo? That may be a clue.