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Feb 15, 2013 08:46 AM

ISO Peanut Buttery Wontons

I used to get these all the time at Chinese places in the South, yet I cannot seem to find them up here. Not sure what they're called -- but they're essentially wontons in a thick, spicy, peanut-y sauce. So addictive and delicious. I miss them!

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  1. I just saw them on the menu at Formosa Taipei in Lexington. I was tempted, but went for the fried dumplings instead. Next time...

    Off topic, but their spicy sole filets are delicious.

    1. Bernard's at the chestnut hill mall has them. so ridiculously good eventhough there's zero chance their Chinese. but delicious.

      1. Ma Soba on Cambridge Street in Beacon Hill used to have them but I haven't been there in about 5 years. And they were tasty!

        1. If you're in the MetroWest area - specifically Natick, Mandarin Cafe on Wethersfield Rd (just off Rt 9 westbound) has them. It's on the app menu as "Mandarin Dumplings".

          We get them now and then - strictly take-out though. They have a couple of tables, but I can't recall ever seeing anyone eating in.