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Feb 15, 2013 08:11 AM

Heirloom Book Co. Prices

Wow! Based on what they're selling these books for, I could probably take an nice vacation based on the ones currently residing in my library. Especially considering that I paid mere pennies for them when I bought them.

One really has to wonder how many people they dupe into buying from them, as when I did a quick perusal of a few of their offerings on Amazon, the price difference was astonishing! For instance, "The Art of Chinese Cooking" (which I own) can be bought for less than $10 on Amazon. These folks are claiming it's "on sale" for $35 down from $59.

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  1. I'm with you, Bacardi1! I have thousands of dollars worth of cookbooks according to this pricing list.

    Delving just a bit further into the website gave me pause. Under the heading of "The French Table" were listings for the sale of "Florentine Carafe" and "Florentine Tumblers". Unless there has been a geographical and/or political development that I missed, Florence resides solidly in Italy, not France. This one is a bit too chi-chi for my taste.

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      Actually, if one is careful & does some research, one can purchase some very nice items from "One Kings Lane". I've been a customer for a couple of years now. Purchased a couple of sets of 4 each of some really nice highball, rocks, & goblets that, when I researched other vendors - including the manufacturing company itself - were priced at less than half. A real bargain. Also a fair number of nice-looking glass storage containers, decorative bakeware, etc., etc.

      And Customer Service is excellent. Packaging is truly above the bar, & sometimes they'll enclose a free tinned scented candle with an order. While everything is "final sale/no return", they are more than generous should something arrive damaged - always issuing more than the worth + shipping of the item. In addition, one time I ordered something, & by the ship date they were unable to provide the item. Not only did they refund my money (of course), but gave me a $20 store credit to boot! So I have to say that I can't complain much about their customer service.

      So cookbooks aside, I do enjoy perusing the daily e-mails they send me. I've found some unique & interesting tableware/cookware at bargain prices. BUT AGAIN - you have to do some research to make sure it's a bargain. ;)

      1. re: Bacardi1

        <sometimes they'll enclose a free tinned scented candle with an order.>

        Ugh. Why does everyone want to make things stink? If someone sent me a box of books with a scented candle, I'd send the entire box back and insist on return postage.

        1. re: Jay F

          The scented candles are in tins with tightly-fitted tops. There's no "stink" unless you pry the top off.

    2. Those Time-Life "Good Cook" series books can be had for pennies on Amazon and thrift shops. I wonder who buys these things.

      1. Bacardi1, are you a part of their affiliate program or just a customer?

        Their playlist section is fun!

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        1. re: HillJ

          I'm just a One King's Lane customer.