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Anyone been to Union Sq. donuts?

Haven't noticed it mentioned but maybe I missed it. Very curious.


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  1. Their permanent shop just opened this week. Stop by and let us know how it is.

    1. I was there at opening yesterday. Definitely worth a visit! The donuts are yeast-based - very light, as far as donuts go. I tried the chocolate chipotle, maple bacon, and orange ginger cream. My favorite was the chocolate chipotle; it was simple and not too overwhelming in terms of sweetness. (I would have loved it to be spicier, but I'm kind of addicted to spicy things.) The others were both excellent as well but more decadent. I'm a bit worried about their survival with donuts priced at $3 ($3.50 for the maple bacon), but I found the quality to be well worth the price.

      Also on the menu: Spindrift sodas, coffee, dulce de leche cinnamon buns, Ocean Ave Pops, and a couple other donut flavors.

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      1. re: blumiethekoala

        Awaiting the comparison to Donut Plant...

        1. re: emannths

          I was there literally moments ago. Bought the last chocolate chipotle, plus 1 ginger cream (baked), and 1 dulce de leche sweet roll. They were out of the maple bacon.

          Only tried the chocolate chipotle so far, but it has little to no spice or smoke flavor. Basically tastes like a dense, challah-like yeast donut frosted with milk chocolate. It's not bad, per se, but it did not wow me. Also, I found it quite greasy for a yeast donut. Maybe oil temp was too low.

          I also feel like a damn fool knowing I just spent NINE DOLLARS on 3 donuts.

          Something about this place has the potential to be fodder for Portlandia episode.

          Ill report back on the others after dinner. :)

          1. re: Prav

            Prav- saw your post on their FB page - $3/donut? That's insane. Please report back on the dulce - and yeah, totally reeks of Portlandia!!!

            1. re: sallyt

              The Dulce tastes like any other sweet roll. No real DDL distinct flavor of burnt/caramelized milk or sugar. Just tastes like any ordinary sweet roll from your average Shaw's. Highly disappointed. There is about 1/4 of it left on the plate sitting on the dining table and it's 4:15am and this never happens at my place.

              1. re: Prav

                I happened to be in the area, so stopped by today. Couldn't agree more about the DDL role- NO caramelization at all. Chocolate chipotle was delicious, but for $3? No thanks.

            2. re: Prav

              Well, given that every one of those flavors started at Voodoo Donuts in...Portland...

              1. re: Jenny Ondioline

                They should put birds on their donuts. That'll make them special.

        2. Prav must have beaten me by minutes: no chocolate chipotle when I stopped by this afternoon. I got the orange ginger cream and the chocolate almond. Both were surprisingly light which I liked. The orange ginger cream was delicious even though I normally don't like orange flavoring. The chocolate almond was ok, in the way something turns out as you expected and no more.

          The price is a bit too steep to make it a regular spot. But I'd like to go back and try the maple bacon out of curiosity.

          There's a couple of 20-minute parking spots right outside the front entrance, as well as some street parking around, but there's piles of snow as you might expect. No seating inside as far as I can tell. There was a table in the middle of the interior, but I think it's just for the staff to prep/unwind.

          1. Great donuts! Steep price indeed, but very delicious. I had a chocolate chipotle (not my fave, but good), maple bacon (will haunt my dreams) and the dulce de leche cinnamon bun (sweet and wonderful). This will be habit forming...

            1. They will be closed this wkend per Eater Boston.

              1. Really wanted to like them. I like that there's a local place dedicated to donuts. I LOVE Doughnut Plant in NYC. But everything was sort of meh. Chocolate chipotle had a slight kick, but the donut itself had a slightly chewier texture than I wanted. I liked the flavor of the jelly in the strawberry rhubarb jelly donut, but the texture of the jelly was a little grainier than I would've liked. Brown butter hazelnut had a good crunch and sweet glaze, but somehow overall not stellar. Maple bacon was probably the best of the four I got, really like the maple glaze and the flavor of the bacon with the maple, but the bacon itself was chewy.

                Friendly folk, though, and the Cafe Tango space was interesting. Empty on a Thursday afternoon.

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                1. re: wu12

                  I too am a huge fan of Donut Plant.

                  Sounds like not much has changed with Union Square Donuts since I first tried them upon opening. :-/

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                    As an occasional experiment, buying a $3 donut is fine, but I hope they can hold on after the hype fades. Justifying their prices as "the cost of a fine pastry", as they did recently, is sort of grating -- folks, it's fried dough, and not particularly amazing fried dough, either. I think they should look closely at what Donut Plant's doing as to how to tweak their product.

                  2. I've been grousing about the lack of Donut Plant-like donuts in Boston for a while, so I was pretty excited to see their stall at Dewey Square yesterday. I was on a call and running to catch my train when I saw the "Donuts" sign, and basically just hung up and ran to get some. I got the cherry hibiscus and bourbon caramel ones (creamsicle didn't really appeal to me). I thought they were excellent.

                    Based on reviews to date I wasn't expecting much. The dough itself was the yeast variety, but had a denser texture than most. It was definitely not greasy, and I have had a few from the Donut Plant that crossed that line. I thought they were perfectly fried, still moist, and not greasy. The glazes were very flavorful, lingering for a long time after eating, which tells me they're using decent ingredients. I don't know if they have filled varieties, but would defintely try those next. I love Donut Plant's dulce de leche cake donuts (how in the hell do they get the glaze injected into a toroidal shape, with no visible entry or exit wounds?) and the creme brulee yeast ones.

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                    1. re: nsenada

                      n, i confu zed. was Donut Plant or Union Sq Donuts at Dewey? thx.

                      1. re: opinionatedchef

                        Doughnut Plant (I always have to correct myself to spell it the right way -- thanks for that one, Dunkies) is an enormously successful doughnut shop in nyc. It's Union Sq. Donuts (they spell it the Dunkies way) that has been at Dewey.

                        I've not tried Union Sq. yet but am interested seeing different views on how they compare to Doughnut Plant, where I have yet to dislike a variety, including those flavors that I generally don't like in pastry. He makes both cake and yeasted, as well as a creme brulee doughnut -- a 2.5 bite custard filled donut hole with a bruleed sugar glaze. As someone who hates having creme brulee messed with (serve me a green tea creme brulee and I might have a nervous breakdown), I can't overstate how much I love it. I hope the next time I'm down in the city, everyone is still losing their heads over cronuts so the Doughnut Plant line might be more manageable.

                        I'll still get out to Union Sq. eventually... but am also really looking forward to hearing more about this soon, Stephanie Cmar (who, along w/ Kristen Kish, was in the qualifying rounds for this season's top chef from BLGruppo) wants to do doughnuts: http://www.bostonmagazine.com/restaur...

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                          Sorry - Union Square. It would be a bad thing for me to be able to get Doughnut Plant doughnuts that easily.

                          1. re: nsenada

                            ha! well, as long as these new Boston donut shops stick to yeast donuts, i'm safe. Safe but sighing (for any cake donut that could rival the Blue Benn donuts in Bennington VT)

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                          I just got donut holes from Union Square Donuts' stall at the Dewey Square market. Half a dozen for $2, a dozen for $3.50. I agree, based on the reviews here, and on the available flavors (for the holes, cinnamon espresso and orange ginger) I was half-expecting pretentious little balls of lead. But I loved them -- fluffy, light, and not at all greasy, with subtle flavoring, a slight chew, and a very clean, sort of breadlike (in a good way) taste. I can't speak for the normal-sized donuts, but based on the holes I tried, I'd put Union Square Donuts right up there with any of the best donut shops in Boston. (Linda's, Ohlin's, and Verna's are more-or-less local to me, Kane's is my favorite).

                          As far "exotic" flavors, Union Square is the only place that sells them in Boston as far as I know. I've had various flavors at restaurants, and have always been disappointed at how heavy they are.

                          (Also, the guy selling them at the Dewey Square market was really nice and seemed very excited about the donut shop -- maybe too nice, since there was a long line when I got there and many of the customers seemed to want to chat with him.)

                        3. Here's a pic of the ones I had