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Feb 15, 2013 07:51 AM

Buckwheat Flour recipes from back of Dove's Farm Buckwheat Flour?

I used to buy Buckwheat Flour from Sainsbury's and would make the yeasted pancake recipe on the back of the package. I swear it was Dove's Farm, but their website only has a blini recipe with baking power as the rising agent. The recipe I'm looking for definitely had yeast, as I remember it overflowing overnight on my countertop. If you have a package handy, can you please paraphrase the recipe? Much thanks!

(Im no longer in UK, which is why I'm asking, not out of laziness).

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  1. I've checked my Dove's farm Buckwheat flour packet and the blini recipe has baking powder as the raising agent.
    Sorry I can't be more helpful.

    1. relizabeth, I have a pack with what lookslike the recipe you want. It is for New England Griddle Cakes and goes as follows:

      200g Buckwheat flour
      75 sugar
      Pinch salt
      1 tsp quick yeast
      300ml warm water
      1 tbsp molasses
      50 melted butter
      2 tbsp oil
      2 tbsp maple syrup

      - Mix together buckwheat, sugar, salt and yeast
      - Dissolve molasses in the water and stir into the flour mix, leaving the bater for 1 hr
      - Melt the butter and beat in
      - Oil a griddle pan and heat well
      - Cook 1 tbsp at a time of the batter on medium heat
      - When bubbles dry out and bottom is brown turn over
      - Serve with maple syrup

      I hope that's it and it's helpful!

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        That sounds right. Much, much thanks!