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Feb 15, 2013 07:32 AM

Magimix by Robot-Coupe Food Processor 14-Cup...?

I need to replace my Cuisinart food processor and I'm considering the Robot Coupe. I'd love to hear from anyone who uses the Robot Coupe, as well as anyone else who has a relatively new FP they really love. I've seen the Cooks Illustrated report and Consumer Reports; neither are convincing enough. I'd really appreciate some buying advice. Thanks!

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  1. Did you purchase the Magimix? I saw that there is an attachment that allows the processor to be used as a juicer. The attachment and processor are just expensive. I couldn't afford it as a college student.

    1. lol...Robot coupe invented the food processor. Its unfortunate because they helped build up the Cuisinart name as they were the original manufacturers for their food processors. Cuisinart quality declined after they severed relations and like many other companies, moved production to China. Magimix is robot coupe's consumer brand. Their products are made in France. If you're patient, you can wait around on ebay for a great deal on a Robot-Coupe R2. Just a few weeks ago, someone got one for about $300 which is a steal. Its a commercial food processor so it might be a little more power than you need. If not, go for the Magimix.

      1. Did you replace your food processor? I'm in food processor agony. I replaced my Cuisinart 11 because we made salsa often and it always overflowed. Got the big 16 cup Cuisinart 2 years ago for Christmas. I mainly use the FP for salsa, grating cheese, hummus, occasional pie crust. Did fine for everything but the cheese grating. Not long ago the lid just flew off - a piece broke off. Finally took it back to WS - they were fabulous. Exchanged it for a smaller one (few months ago got the Vitamix 750 - true love). Came home all excited - it's the Cuisinart 12 cup with the small bowl too - literally things were FLYING - cheese, different parts. Very disappointed. Now not certain which one to do. WS was pushing the Kitchen Aid 16 c. Pro - it's HUGE. WS only had it in the stainless steel - KA website shows it in red which if I'm spending a small fortune on it I at least want it in red....I know this is TMI but so confused about which processor to get. Would love to hear what you did.

        1. Have an R2 and would never go back to anything else...actually I should not HAVE to ever go back to anything else.


          1. I have always heard good things about that brand. I just replaced a Cuisinart with a Breville food processor. So far it seems to perform brilliantly, but I must say it was upper price range!