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Mar 24, 2006 12:37 PM

Family Friendly/Good Food in San Diego

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Hi-- like some other recent posters to this board, our famiy of 4 will be in San Diego for spring break, staying in the Mission Beach area.

We've been to San Diego before and are at least familiar with dining possibiities in Old Town, but have not had much success in the Mission Beach area, though World Famous was acceptable, and on the water, which the kids like.

I've taken note of the earlier suggestions to the family staying in Escondido, and am wondering what options there might be closer to Mission Beach and Pacific Beach. Our kids have been exposed to lots of different cuisines, but they are not big eaters, and their dining habits are generally to empty the breadbasket, drink their milk and petition for dessert.

Having said that, we would love recommendations for Italian, American, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican food.

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  1. In PB, you might like Cantina Panaderia for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. Very casual, moderately cheap place with an Asian-Latino slant. Things like burritos, coconut french toast, rice bowls, scrambled eggs. Their sister restaraunts are The Mission and Mission Cup Cafe.

    Cafe Athena in PB has decent Greek food. Not a formal or upscale or hole in the wall dining. Is a comfortable atmosphere.

    1. Saska's - for steaks and seafood. It is on Mission Boulevard. This is an old San Diego restaurant which has been here for years and still owned by the same family. This would be good for dinner.

      1. Mission Beach has few worthy dining spots. In addition to what other posters have recommended, I would suggest going into Pacific Beach and trying The Fishery, assuming the kids will eat seafood. Karinya Thai on Garnet is a decent Thai place. I can think of no Chinese in the area worth the money, though driving a few miles inland along Garnet (which becomes Balboa) would take you to Convoy which has numerous good Asian restaurants. PB has numerous sushi bars, including Sushi Ota which is at the eastern edge of PB and is considered one of the best sushi bars in town.


        1. There is a fairly new chinese buffet that is pretty good and right across the street from the Broken Yolk Restaurant.

          Good selection of food and really not bad at all.

          1. La Cosa pizza has great calzones and such...Its in the same plaza as Cafe Athena. Not sure if its open for dinner, but they do lunch!

            I'd stay away from the Chinese buffet in this same plaza...