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Feb 15, 2013 07:31 AM

Does anyone remember "The Queens Dumpling House"?

It was on Queens blvd. across from "Tung Shing". It was a small restaurant that made the made the most delicious vegetable dumpling I've ever eaten.
They were very plump and somewhat solid, filled with some sort of chopped greens and what seemed like chopped cellophane or glass noodles. They only came steamed. Does anyone know:
(a) what they're called in Chinese so I can try to find them somewhere else
(b) what was in them
(c) a recipe so I can feebly try to recreate them (if I can't find them).

They also had a steamed fish with a crunchy bean topping.
This is one of the few restaurants that I really niss. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I have fond memories! You are right, those were the best vegetable dumplings I have ever had! I have had similar ones since, but never as good. My favorites, though, were the 3 flavor dumplings, with pork, crab, and sea cucumber. They also dis a great sliced conch in hot oil.

    1. Last night I ate at Mr. Tong's, which is actually in the same location as QDH, and ordered the vegetable dumplings. They were the closest I've seen yet to the ones that QDH had. Not anywhere near as full, and there was some minced tofu added to the noodles and greens, but they were very good. Should have asked for the Chinese name, but I never would have remembered it.

      1. as I recall they contained minced bok choy and napa cabbage, chopped bean thread/cellophane noodles, finely chopped carrot, that very firm braised wu xiang bean curd (the kind that looks like laundry soap?), and chopped black mushroom, plus the usual minced ginger, garlic, etc.

        I was a sucker for their Three Flavor Dumplings, and I probably owe my marriage to having discovered that place.

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          They were the best dumplings (veg. or meat) I had eaten to that point and truthfully I haven't had anything better since! They also made a fish with crispy bean topping that was outrageous and again have never been able to find again.