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Feb 15, 2013 06:59 AM

Harold & Belles Jefferson LA

We found them at the LA County Fair (now your are talking of an esculation here in fair food!!) Visited their abode Wednesday evening ... consistently excellant Southern Louisana food ... flavors near perfect.... we'll have to branch out and try some of their other dishes ... Also they had a Ash Tuesday the evening prior ... Hurricanes at twoferone pricing.... you could not have gotten into the place!!! Our waiter "Pedro" right on top of his game ... this is truly a spot to pull off the 10 and visit

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  1. Like you, we sampled Harold & Belle's food at the LA County Fair. It was absolutely delicious. Thanks for reminding me how happy our taste buds were. We will have to try their restaurant!

    1. I have been to the restaurant a few times and had very good food in an exceptional atmosphere - this is a remnant of the old Louisiana town from the 1950's, and feels like a slice of New Orleans. Best way to eat there is to assemble a large party, then call in advance - ask for Ryan and request a tasting menu. It will be excellent and far less than you might expect.

      1. Glad that there are folks to share our enthusiasm; In looking thru my prior note, I'll have to run these through spell check prior to publishing ...

        1. Harold and Belle's is great. some dishes are hit and miss, and it's a bit pricey, but there are some dishes there that keep calling my name. crawfish etoufee is excellent. the little chicken drummettes are fantastic. service is great, a bit slow sometimes, but in a we're-not gonna-rush-you-at--all type of way. perhaps i should be embarrassed to say this, but i love their microwaved, slightly rubbery desserts: peach cobbler and bread pudding. A little secret: if you call ahead and try to get a reservation, they'll tell you they don't have any available til after 9. but just show up, there's always a table available, and if they seat you too close to the band and the noise gets to you, just ask to move to a table further in the back.