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Feb 15, 2013 06:05 AM

Raw bars in Fells Point

Staying in Fells Point this weekend and we'd love to sit around and slurp some oysters. Any recs for a good raw bar?

We've been to Thames Street Oyster House and enjoyed ourselves, but at $2.50-$2.75 per, the slurping will be short-lived. Was hoping for something a little more reasonable, but still chow-worthy.


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  1. Slainte and Koopers used to do free oysters during HH on a table outside between the two bars. The oyters were always very good and extremely fresh.

    1. Thames Street Oyster House has Chesapeake's for $1.50 apiece every day. Perhaps not the $.50 or $1 bargain some bars offer, but expertly shucked and presented. I've grown weary of mangled oysters with bits of shell at so many other bars' happy hours. And Thames also offers an impressive list (literally, you check off choices like a sushi menu) of other oysters rarely found in Baltimore such as the sublime full-bodied Watch Hill's from Rhode Island - well worth the $2.75 splurge.

      Other standouts on the Thames' menu include the Rhode Island style clam chowder (weekends only) $6/7, and the best lobster roll I've had in these parts - buttery split-top bun, chock full of fresh lobster meat, with melted butter on the side, and it includes side choices like a ramekin of rich white bean and pork "cassoulet" or crisp Brussels sprouts. $17. Finishing with some of their dulce de leche bread pudding is also highly recommended, if it's still on the menu.

      1. Duda's, The Admiral's Cup and Shuckers all serve oysters. If you want to venture next door to Canton, Mamas on the Half Shell has 4 varieties all at $9.99 a 1/2 dozen, had some great Duxbury Salts there yesterday. For HH, Chincoteagues are 6 for $6.