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I-78 food

We're meeting friends along I-78 this weekend and were hoping to find a decent place to eat. We're coming from NJ, they're coming from Allentown. Our main requirement is that the place have a good beer selection. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. I was thinking to ask the same question, because I sometimes go to the Sands in Bethlehem and come home on 78 and haven't found any place that good. I wasn't impressed with the Clinton Station Diner.

    1. In Clinton, The Clinton House.

      1. The Spain Inn 2. I've only been to this location 2 times however I've been going to the original Spain Inn for over 20 years. Solid Portuguese food.


        1. Where exactly is your idea of the meeting point...does it have to be equitable in distance traveled...or is food and beer the most important consideration.

          Summit, Berkeley Heights and New Providence have some nice restaurants. Maybe the Trap Rock Brewery fits your bill.

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          1. I've never been disappointed with the food at the Fox & Hound whenever I'm out in Annandale (while it is on Rte 22, it's just off the nexus of where 78 & 22 intersect).

            Here's a link to their beerz....http://www.foxandhoundtavern.com/beer...

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              I missed the main requirement of beer selection! Ok listen to JJ Fox and Hound has a good beer selection and pretty good wings!

              JJ I've only been to the Menlo Park location is this one similar with the TV's and pool tables etc?

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                Not really JV. It's a full deal resto in an old restored stagecoach inn.... more on the F&H can be found on their website.

                Good food, and this is a place to have in your backpocket should you spend a day out in that area of Hunterdon County when the weather's better. It's not the best around, just solid food, nice place (especially the outdoor dining area with bar)


            2. Stirling Hotel has awesome beer and food! A lot of great beers on tap that change all of the time.

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                Thanks for the suggestions! I think we're going to head to the Stirling Hotel. We've heard good things about the beer and food.

              2. It sort of depends on where in NJ you're traveling from to consider what is in the middle. You also didn't mention a budget. But here's my 2/100 of a buck. There are some great places already mentioned. Going from east to west is Trap Rock, Stirling Hotel, Fox and Hound. (I'd probably rate them in that order, but SH is most affordable with the biggest selection).

                My addtions: A bit of a diversion 10-15 min) is Sublime in Gladstone (off 287, technically, but close). In the Clinton area is the aforementioned Fox and Hound, but I prefer Circa in High Bridge. similar atmosphere with better service. Both Pricey. I'd skip Clinton House, it's reputation can no longer carry it.

                Further west in Pattonburg is the Pattonburg House. Kind of Dive bar-ish' but a badge worn proudly and great cheesesteak options (for those on a budget :-) ).

                At the NJ border, right next to the free bridge in Phillipsburg is one of the few liquor store/bar license places, Free Bridge Wines and Spirits. Great Beers, super owner but no food. Nothing fancy, bring food with you and get some awesome hard to find tap selections here.

                Once you cross into PA Eason has Porters and Pearly Bakers. I haven't been recently, but they were good.

                Much further west and you're in Allentown!

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                    Thanks Travel. You've given me a few places for my back pocket should I find myself up there this spring/summer. One of which is your description of the Pattonburg House - what's not to like about a great cheesesteak with a frosty?

                  2. Highly recommend 3 West in Basking Ridge. Just off I78, this is a beautiful place, lots of wood, comfortable, large tables, an inside fireplace, and a thoroughly inviting and interesting menu. Quite reasonable as well. Great place!


                    1. Strling Hotel, exit 40 - Stellar Beer selection

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                        We ended up going to Stirling Hotel. It does have a great beer selection, but the restaurant was freezing. I even asked them about turning up the heat but apparently the place just has no insulation. I really wish they would invest in some space heaters because it definitely dampened our enjoyment of the food and beer. I would return, but not until it's warmer out!

                      2. If you do find yourself in Easton (could be halfway point depending on your origin), Maxim's 22 Bistro is excellent, has a beautiful bar with a nice selection of beers.


                        1. Good beer selection right exactly where you want to be...The Tap Room at the Somerset Hills Hotel in Warren. Right off 78 award winning beer selection.