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Feb 15, 2013 12:32 AM

Penang, Malaysia - Duck Meat "Koay Teow Th'ng" at Lorong Ngah Boo

This little street-side stall at the intersection of Ngah Boo Lane and Kimberley Street (near Carnarvon Street) is outrageously popular with local connoiseurs of Penang-style "koay teow th'ng" (flat rice noodles in soup). There are two popular versions of "koay teow th'ng" - the pork version and the duck-meat version, and this Ngah Boo Lane stall specializes in the latter.

I'd passed by this stall on a few occasions during my previous visits to Penang in the past few years, but had never, ever been able to procure a table. It's perpetually packed!

So, I can count myself *extremely* lucky this morning to be able to finally get a vacant table during a rare lull period.

My verdict on the duck meat "koay teow th'ng"? It was simply *divine*! :-D

Silky smooth flat rice noodles, garnished with thinly sliced duck meat, fish balls, thin match-stick strips of pork, duck liver(YUM!), bits of golden lardons, crisp-fried garlic, and finely-chopped scallions. The soup was a light, delicately-flavored pork-duck consomme. Absolutely perfect!

Address details
Poh Lay Duck Meat "Koay Teow Th'ng" stall
Corner of Lorong Ngah Boo and Kimberley Street
10100 Georgetown

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  1. So you finally got to try this place that I have always been telling you about, hehe.

    Another good duck koay teow tng place and maybe the oldest one in Penang is along MacAlister Lane off Burmah Road. I'm not sure if it is still there. In the old days I use to buy jam rolls from Kwan Loke bakery near that area. There was also an old Teochew man who sells very good char koay teow with duck egg there. He seems to be the first man to sell char koay teow in Penang during that time after the Japanese occupation.

    1. that looks amazing

      it actually looks really similar to this kway teow soup i get back at home in CA that is really good and run by teochew people from vietnam

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      1. re: Lau

        Oh yes, I'd had "Hu Tieu Nam Vang" in Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City, and I can attest that it tasted 95% similar to Penang "koay teow th'ng" - the only different is the Vietnamese version was a bit sweeter - use of rock sugar when boiling the stock.

        "Hu Tieu Nam Vang" actually translates as "Koay Teow Phnom Penh" - that's because the Teochews came to Vietnam via Phnom Penh (Cambodia) originally, and introduced this dish to the Vietnamese diet.

        1. re: klyeoh

          yah i know what hu tieu nam vang translates to, but i didnt know thats why the nam vang was in there just knew what it meant. that actually makes sense and i was always wondering why the nam vang was in here.

          The restaurant that i posted is crazy popular with every race in that area (its like right on the cusp of little saigon and a mexican area and very close to LA's 2nd largest koreatown...true melting pot). you go in and you'll find multiple different chinese ethnicities, mexicans, vietnamese, caucausian, koreans, thai and others all eating at the same place. probably 20-30 people waiting outside at peak times. they also give u a you tiao if you show up early enough, but you have to get there before 1130 otherwise they run out. its really good like asia level good.

          im also super impressed by the waiters language ability, i heard my waiter last time speak english, mandarin, cantonese, spanish, vietnamese and something else that i couldnt figure out what it was (maybe cambodian or something) all in like a 30 minute period