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Feb 14, 2013 10:52 PM

Bean burrito question

I cooked up a batch of pinto beans (I know I post about beans way too much)

they are nice and soft-I would like to mash them and make burritos with them, adding onions and cheese.

should I add anything to the mash except salt? I kind of like how they taste now - I just answered my own question it seems

any advice is very welcome tho-improvements are always good

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  1. You could fry them in lard -- make true refried beans out of them. And really put the spurs to them to develop a deep roasty flavor. Cook until you have a thick paste, stirring only occasionally. Refried beans can take a lot of abuse from heat, and the little perverts like it. Then add in broth or water to get back to the consistency you want.

    That's what I'd do.

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    1. re: Soul Vole

      +1 on the cook with lard and make them really rich and creamy.

      To assemble the burrito I'd add some cheddar, diced white onion and a spoon or two of salsa verde. The cheese gets all melty, the onion provide some crunch and sharpness and the salsa the astringency needed to cut through the fat in the beans and cheese.

    2. For me,

      Depends what kind of cheese you're using and whether you're caramelizing the onions or just sweating them.

      If you're using a more "bright" flavored cheese like feta or something like Queso Fresco, I'd add some combination of smoked salt, chipotle, and bacon.

      If you're using a 'richer' cheese like cheddar or jack I'd add some lime juice and zest.

      In either case some pico di gallo might be nice.

      What did you put in the pinto beans to begin with?

      Also, do you want to stick with mexican, or would you be willing to use other influences?

      1. oh my I was just going to plop the mashed beans in a burrito wrap and throw on raw onions and cheese-just was thinking I should add chili powder or something to the bean paste

        after reading your replies I guess I am a rube :/

        maybe I should throw in that digiorno (sp?) pizza instead


        thanks again, I love this site!

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        1. re: madeliner

          ok, i officially don't like beans - it is too bad, but I tried :(

        2. I had some plain black beans last night. I added a good amount of salt, some ground cumin and a paste of one clove of garlic. Gave it just enough flavor.

          1. In these parts burritos are usually made with whole beans rather than refried, but I'm not gonna call the food police :)

            I like refried beans made with chorizo drippings or bacon fat, a fair amount of cumin, and onion. Otherwise, when cooking the beans I sometimes add onion/chiles to the cooking water, but if the beans are good on their own, go for it! You can always add some salsa or tomatoes/chiles to the burrito itself if you want more flavor.