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Feb 14, 2013 08:28 PM

Oakland Rockridge

Visiting a niece who recently moved near CCA in Rockridge.
Any good places to eat on College, maybe walkable?
I hear Soi 4 is good as well as the new Ramen place. She loves all kinds of cuisines.

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  1. Roughly walking toward BART from CCA...

    Guest Chef has different chefs every 2 weeks, so could be good
    A Cote small plates
    Soi 4 for Thai
    Oliveto for Italian

    then right after BART
    Ramen Shop has lots of recent reviews

    See also:

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    1. re: hyperbowler

      All great suggestions
      Will report back!

    2. I recently had good ramen @ Rikyu Sushi (they do ramen only during lunch service). And I like the sushi @ Uzen.

      For pricier fare and a longer walk, Wood Tavern, just past Claremont on College, is very good (their more informal offshoot, Southie, is next door).

      And you can pick up good prepared food to bring back to your niece's place @ MarketHall.

      1. Enoteca Molinari, Uzen for sushi, Chu.

        Second on Soi 4, A Cote, Oliveto, Ramen Shop, Wood Tavern.

        The Temescal is closer than some of those places. Pizzaiolo, Barlata, Lanesplitter pizza, Sura, Sanh Maru, Pyung Chang, Burma Superstar.

        1. Although not a direct route, but if you walk down Broadway from CCA, turn left on Pleasant Valley, walk up a hill and then down about 4 blocks you'll reach Piedmont Avenue where the first spot is Adesso for a casual bar/pizza by the slice scene as well as more options down Piedmont Ave. That distance from CCA is probably the same amount of time it'd take you to walk to the BART station from College Ave.