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La Jolla- Georges at the Cove

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This board has said some very good things about Georges at the Cove. Can someone explain about their various rooms/sections (do they really have 3 levels?!?). The fine-dining room seems most appealing right now. How is their menu structured. Any fav. dishes? Thanks very much.


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  1. The website includes menus for each room.

    Link: http://www.georgesatthecove.com/

    1. I recommend asking for the "oceanview room" when you make reservations at the downstairs (formal) section of their restaurant. Their smoked chicken soup is a signature dish. Their menu varies by season. Had a lovely lobster dish one time. Another time - a remarkable lamb dish with vegetables layered up like a napolean.

      Their tasting menu (w/ or w/o wines) is really fun. You can try a little of everything.

      Had a dessert with chocolate and hot chiles - it was a knockout. enjoy.

      1. George's has 3 levels to their place. Rooftop terrace with a casual menu and view of water, midlevel bar with some view of water and downstairs indoor formal dining with view of water from some tables. The best food is the formal dining menu. I distinctly remember eating the rooftop menu (it was my first time at George's) and wondering what the fuss was about the food. Then I ate downstairs and "got it."

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          We have eaten on the outdoor terrace, and found the food very good for casual, pretty dining. In particular I remember an EXCELLENT piece of halibut very well prepared. The signature soup was very tasty, and I was sceptical, "black bean , brocoli and smoked chicken" sounded, on the menu, like a sad leftover idea from the 80's. but my SO ordered it and I wound up enjoying more than a couple tastes and would order it again....
          but , of course if you are in the mood for a more elegant meal, the inside menu is a bit more interesting...

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            I quite like the terrace - it is affordable, the view can't be beat, and the food is very good, albeit not as good as the lower dining rooms. I had a lamb and penne pasta there that knocked my socks off.

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              i also thought the food, service and view amazing on the 'terrace.' the seared ahi with delicate buckwheat noodles was delicious.

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                I have been looking at Georges menu, but ending up at the AZUL. Both at the bar and in the dining room. It is my favorite restaurant in SD.

                But I have wondered if a stop at Georges was in order.

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                  You really should try Georges. We love the Outdoor Ocean Terrace because the view is spectacular. The price is not too bad considering the location. I would definitely make reservations though and get a table next to the edge. They reserve half of their seats and save half for walkins. Time your dinner so that you are there when the sun sets....it is definitely a must see if you are visiting San Diego.


                  Link: http://www.cheers2wine.com

        2. always enjoy Georges when we are in La Jolla. It can be a bit touristy but, the views are outstanding.

          1. A November 19, 2006, article in the San Diego Union-Tribune said that George's was in the process of a major renovation and that "demolition of the lower-floor restaurant has begun." Anyone have any info on whether or not the whole place is closed during this period, or just the downstairs fine-dining? A quick look at the George's website gave no clue that anything out of the ordinary was going on.
            . . . jim strain in san diego.

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              The fine dining part of the restaurant will be closed for the month of January and most likely (knowing construction) the month of February.

            2. One of the disadvantages of being a tourist unfamiliar with the lay-out of a place one has not driven around is with "guestimating" travel times and costs assuming I will be in a taxi in the case of the latter.

              George's web-site looks intersting. I will be dining solo so the bar or upstairs terrace are likely the best options for me.

              Can anyone assist with an approximate time and cost to take a taxi there from the Mission Bay area? My meetings are at the Bahia.

              1. Assuming you are not going to be an early bird diner, travel time from Mission Beach to La Jolla will be about 20-30 mintues because you'll be with drive time traffic. A cab will probably be more than $20 each way.

                I have not eaten in the bar at George's, so I won't comment on their bar food, but I have eaten on the terrace level and have not been overly impressed. Yeah, the view is nice, but the food? Not so hot. If the fine dining room is closed for renovation, you can do a whale of a lot better than the terrace level. If you really want to eat in La Jolla, Jack's or Azul are probably better choices.

                Pacific Beach is closer to Mission Beach than La Jolla (meaning it's most likely NOT a $20 cab ride); JRDN restaurant might interest you. It had kind of a rocky opening, but seems to have improved. There are several people on this board that love the place.

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                  I have eaten at all three levels of George's and will say that if you're going there, stick to the downstairs formal dining room. I wasn't impressed by the menus at the terrace or rooftop patio. It seemd like it was more hype than substance. That said, I have never had a meal I didn't like in their formal dining room! Always came away with a smile on my face!

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                    Would you still recommend the formal dining room for lunches? Does it have a view of the ocean? I;ve heard so many good things about this place and can't wait to try it out. :)

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                      I don't think the formal dining room is open for lunch. It has a wide view of the ocean, as one side of the room is all glass.

                2. I went to georges for lunch last week and it was really nice in the bar. I've always enjoyed the food in the bar, although you cant book. The ocean view terrace is a similar, more casual menu, I think. I've found it a little breezy at times so if you get chilly easily it might be quite cold. I think most of it is open during the renovations, they appear to be building something new at the back although its always worth double checking.

                  Georges is the only place in san diego that seems to manage consistently good food, apart from La Vache in Hillcrest.

                  1. As far as I am concerned, Georges is overrated. It is nowhere near the caliber of restaurants of that price in San Fran or LA.
                    In that caliber, Nine Ten is much better and innovative. Jack's or the Marine Room are also better restaurants, in my opinion.

                    1. I love George's California Kitchen, prefer it to 9/10 or Tapenade. I usually go for the appetizers and the not to be missed dessert Doughnut Holes with Dips.

                      And one of these days I will break down and go for the 95 Krug Clos de Mesnil at a cost lower than replacement cost...wife can't be there to witness!

                      Oh, and the Cote de Boeuf for 2 is just about as good as it gets.