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Minneapolis this week-end

We're coming in for business but have free time in the evening. We are staying near the Sheraton mid-town on Chicago Ave S and have a car. Last time we were in town, we went to the Warehouse district - I think we went to Eatery 112? It was great. Any suggestions for some place new - especially like French, Italian, middle eastern, but wanna stay away from Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Mexican...many thanks!

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  1. You do know you're staying right next to the Midtown Global Market, right? Maybe the cuisine isn't appropriate, and also it isn't too active in the evening, but, it may be interesting for a visit.

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      Will check it out when we are there. Looks interesting.

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        You can get a camel burger there...... ;-)

    2. You could try Corner Table. One of the local journalists just wrote it up:


      As long as your party is not filled with vegetarians I can wholly recommend CT.

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        Looks great but alas it is closed Sunday and Monday nights - the two evenings when we are there!

      2. Actually, I see you like middle eastern food, so Holy Land at the Global Market might work for lunch. For dinner, try http://barlagrassa.com/ It's run by the same folks who run 112 Eatery, only better.

        1. I also highly recommend Bar la Grassa. Definitely try the Gnocchi w/ Orange and Cauliflower!!!! and the Calamarata with Raw Tuna! ( might be tough to get a reservation, but they might be able to work you in early or late.)

          Yes, try the Midtown Global Market for a bite since you're so close. Perhaps a taco at Sonora Grill or the 21 spice fried chicken and brussel sprouts (!) at the Left Handed Cook (it's not hot spicy, but still damn good ).

          1. The best places in the Midtown Global Market are Mexican (Sonora Grill) and pan-Asian (Left Handed Cook). Much as I love the Holy Land, it's not a knock-your-socks-off dinner experience. It's great for a quick lunch or tasty take-out dinner (love the rotisserie chicken with garlic sauce).

            For a fabulous Middle-Eastern dinner that WILL knock your socks off, try Saffron in downtown Minneapolis. By the way, the chef is related to the Holy Land family.

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              I pretty much agree with everything Anne says, except to say that I really want to love Left Handed Cook but instead find it only okay. If I were craving creative, food-truck style Korean food and I were at MGM, I'd eat there. But I wouldn't go out of my way for it. I find their food pretty bland, including the 21 spice fried chicken everyone raves about. I like the free popcorn amuse though! (On the subject of being a contrarian for that which everyone else seems to love, I also think the Gnocci with Orange at Bar La Grassa is cloying. You can't get that orange taste out of your mouth for hours.).

              Salty Tart (bakery) in Midtown Global Market is pretty good, too. Also, I like Cafe Finspang at Midtown Global market for Scandinavian sweets and gifts.

              I don't think your free time over laps with the hours at FIka, alas, but if for some reason you are around between 12-5 on Sunday (they are closed on Monday) Fika at the new Cafe at the American Swedish Institute on Park Ave is fantastic, unique and would be very convenient to you.

              Small plates Scandinavian style. Beautiful and delicious.



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                " By the way, the chef is related to the Holy Land family."

                Never heard this before. What's the relationship?

              2. I think you might enjoy Gorkha Palace. I wouldn't go there on Sunday because the owners are not working and I think quality slips.

                1. Cafe Levain isn't too far from your hotel - just a straight shot down Chicago Ave. It's a great little "French Bistro" type restaurant.

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                    I love Levain and would also recommend it as well. But in my experience, the emphasis in drew13000's recommendation should be on "bistro" rather than "French." Yes, they have some French items on the menu, but I've never thought of the food served there as French. Other similar places that might appeal to the OP would be Lucia's or Barbette.

                    They used to do a Sunday dinner but I don't know if they still do. Another Sunday dinner to think about would be at The Bachelor Farmer. (See http://thebachelorfarmer.com/menu/sun... for details.) I've never eaten at TBF, but it's a board favorite and the Sunday dinner has intrigued me.

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                      I think Levain is a wonderful, out of the box kind of recommendation. And yes, it's pretty much a straight shot south on Chicago. And it would give you a nice sense of a Minneapolis neighborhood. And then you can go for ice cream afterward at Pumphouse Creamery! I do think it's an odd space, though, Levain. Prepare yourself for that.


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                        I will give a CAUTIOUS endorsement to Cafe Levain. If you walk in and the place is pretty empty, go for it. If it's busy, turn and leave.

                        The restaurant is managed and staffed very poorly, and they simply fall apart when crowded -- nobody is expediting or organizing the checks, servers aren't assigned compact zones, so they're all over the floor, no bus staff, no manager on the floor -- it's pretty awful. I made the mistake of coming by on a busy Saturday night, and our two-course dinner stretched to two long, uncomfortable hours. The food is only decent, not worth any kind of wait or aggravation.

                        Regarding other recommendations, I would urge you to get a reservation now. Popular places fill up quickly, and really hot ones like Bar la Grassa (a great recommendation) are almost impossible to get on short notice.

                        I would encourage you to consider In Season, Haute Dish, Craftsman, Solera, and Vincent, in addition to the other recommendations you've received. But, do see about reservations before you try to go anywhere.

                  2. Thanks everyone for your great info!! I will let you know how we "fare" after the week-end.

                    1. If you liked 112 Eatery, and you like Italian, Bar La Grassa is run by the same folks.

                      For French, I would head to Meritage in St. Paul.

                      I can also heartily endorse Sunday Supper (prix fixe) at The Bachelor Farmer.

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                        Hello Everyone,

                        Thanks again for the great feedback on places to eat in Minneapolis. We had a a great time and ended up eating at Haute Dish, which especially for the meat lovers amongst us (all of us) was terrific. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable, and the food, delicious, though certainly rich. Half of our party were children, ages 2-almost 18, and they enjoyed it, too, especially when my 10 year old daughter and I went back to the kitchen to chat with the sous-chefs in charge that night. Thanks again.

                        1. re: Tuffy314

                          Glad to hear! Haute Dish is an excellent choice. I haven't taken my daughter there -- do you recall if they have a separate kid's menu? She likes grown-up food, but I prefer to avoid paying grown-up prices if I an avoid it!

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                            Nah, I don't think there was a separate menu. We got our two-year old the mac and cheese without the crab. The server suggested just butter but I said that we would take the cheese. It was delicious but too advanced for his taste buds, and he's game for anything. It was some kind of blue.

                            I think the atmosphere is low-key enough for kids. We were seated in the bar area which was great for when we got a little noisy. The main dining room is further back and quieter. Saw lots of different kinds of diners there.

                            The food, tho my 10-year old daughter liked it, is not great for kids: too rich. There are small plates, as well as main dishes, and the plates are definitely big enough for even a main course. I got the pork n beans: big kidney shaped beans and a slab or two of pork belly topped with homemade potato chips. With the salad I had first, it was plenty.

                            Our table also got the charcuterie plate, which everyone liked. Three of our party got the burger and ate every bite with gusto and delight.

                            Enjoy if you end up there!

                            Thanks again.