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Nubar: Surprisingly good Cambridge pre-concert option

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Had tickets for a concert at Longy just after the snow and wasn't sure what the parking options would be so we decided we'd have dinner at Nubar in case we needed to park at the Sheraton. Turned out parking was a lot easier after the snow than before it but we decided to keep to our dinner plan though none of us tends to expect much from hotel dining rooms (kind of a stereotype since we agree that we like the Rialto Bar and Dante's pretty well). Nubar turned out to be a pretty room, quite busy post-storm, good bar and much better than expected food. Service was dicey: seemed unprepared for quite that much business on a weeknight, but I had a very good swordfish with grilled calamari, chorizo, white beans and pequillo pepper. Spouse had salmon with mussels and hedgehog mushrooms and we shared an excellent lemon panna cotta with raspberry sauce for desert. He had a very good Sazerac in honor of Mardi Gras and I celebrated shoveling out with something called a Ward 888 that had bourbon, blood orange liqueur, and fresh pomegranate. Prices were also reasonable and we would definitely add it to our Harvard Square options. The concert was good too!

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