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Feb 14, 2013 05:33 PM

Chicken Biryani

Who makes the most authentic chicken biryani in Austin?

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  1. Asiana, but go with lamb instead of chicken

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    1. re: chrisdds98

      Thanks. Any recommendations closer to Round Rock?

      1. re: WSZsr

        Apart from Teji's, Chola's can whip up decent biryani.

    2. Teji's Market has a great one, but I like all of their food.

      1. 2nd for Asiana - although they more commonly have goat biryani on the weekends.

        1. I have no experience with chicken biryani but it looks like Kadai has it on Sunday's. Kadai is at Parmer and 1431. The service can be okay to downright awful but the food has always been delicious. I like them better Teji's (though I am by no means putting down Teji's!). Just another option you might want to check out.

          1. Shalimar on North Lamar makes a spicy chicken biryani that I have really enjoyed. It's best ordered off the menu - I think they may dumb down the spice level of the dish when they put it on the buffet.