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Feb 14, 2013 05:27 PM

Need help with one more dinner?

Hey chowhounds, I will be in San Francisco and Napa for our one year wedding anniversary and need help with our last night's dinner. Here is what I have so far:

Friday Dinner- Benu
Saturday Am - ferry building
Saturday night- Farm at the Carnerros
Sunday Brunch- Redd
Sunday night- Etolie
Monday lunch- Solbar
Monday dinner- thinking about hitting a couple places in Yountville for apps and such
Tuesday lunch- Goose and Gander for the burger
Tuesday dinner- Cook
Wednesday Dinner- Redd
Thursday dinner- AQ
Now Friday I am deciding between Incanto, rich table, or I am open for suggestions... Also feel free to critique my itinerary.. Thanks and I am looking forward to your feedback

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  1. I think the biggest potential mistake is Etoile for dinner... It has only ever had mediocre reviews (I haven't eaten there in several years) when there are more consistent eateries in the Napa valley that might be of interest:

    JoLe in Calistoga
    Goose & Gander for more than just a burger
    Oenetri in Napa
    Farmstead in St. Helena
    Terra in St. Helena
    Bistro Jeanty in Yountville

    Seriously - you have some heavy-hitter meals on your list and I think you will end up being very disappointed with Etoile.

    1. Solbar has lunch/spa combo packages on Mondays. I hope you're taking advantage!

      1. Incanto and Rich Table are both good ideas. If you have trouble with reservations, Cotogna, State Bird Provisions, Nopa and Frances are also worth a try.

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          Reservations at SBP on short notice, ha ha ha.

          St Vincent might be a good no-reservation sleeper. Lot of good reviews. Commonwealth too, it's been open a while but still going strong.

          But it really depends on what you like, if you want to throw something less staid and more fun into the mix (like, dunno, R & G lounge or Monk's Kettle if you like beer). OP, if you want something other than the "usual suspects" suggest something more you like....

          1. re: bbulkow

            SBP. Last minute - no. But they do go open the reservations for 60 days in the future each day like clockwork. So there's hope if the OP is disciplined.

        2. I have been to Rich Table a couple of times and really enjoyed it; very interesting food, excelleent wine list and a nice casual atmosphere.

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          1. re: SFDude

            Rich Table it is.... Thank you all for your input.