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Feb 14, 2013 04:12 PM

Caterer/restaurant in Sebastopol area?

Looking for a caterer or a restaurant that will provide good and family-friendly food for a small party (20 grown-ups & kids). Delivery is ideal but not required. Your ideas or recommendations please. Thanks!

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    1. re: foodeye

      I've tried hole in the wall and loved it. I got biscuits and gravy (split of mushroom and sausage and for me I think all of one would have been too one-note but loved the combo). Eggs perfectly over medium, and service was friendly without feeling like I needed to pull out a chair.

      Saw what others had for lunch and everything looked attentively prepared and delicious.

    2. I own Bistro Des Copains in Occidental which is not too far from Sebastopol. We have a kid friendly menu, at least we have lots of young foodies who come to eat with their parents. But we don't really do catering. I can suggest you contact Rocker Oysterfeller's in Valley Ford. They will do a very nice job for you.

      1. A La Heart in Santa Rosa catered our wedding 7 years ago. They did a great job with food, service and just general competence making everything work. It's been a few years but if they're still as good as they were, I'd recommend them highly.

        1. Friday I attended the new release tasting at Scherrer Winery in Sebastopol (continues this weekend and next).

          Chef Mark Malicki catered the small bites, as he has for many previous doings here, and the food is always great. Fred Scherrer had bagged three wild turkeys last week. Malicki made turkey confit and combined the shredded confit on a crostini with sangre de toro beans and dressed arugula. Other canapes were even better: warm oxtail+whipped lardo+root vegetables+crumpet, pork jowl+cherry, merguez, brandade, and a "potted" Amsterdam smoked gouda with pears that was a fluffy, whipped up dream.

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          1. re: Melanie Wong

            How were the wines. Fred is a pioneer is many ways, getting to meet him, taste and purchase some wine sounds like a good afternoon!

            1. re: tom246

              Chef Malicki posted this on his FB page:
              "cooking out at fred's again this weekend in graton. here are some of the dishes

              lamb bacon, dried black figs
              duck hash, glazed turnips, duck fat sabayon
              black chanterelle & leek tart, brie de meaux
              celery root "pot roast" buttermilk ricotta, brown butter vinaigrette
              maldon smoked salt & castor sugar cured beef tongue, spring onion mayo
              snails and chorizo
              venison stuffed shiitake mushrooms, togarashi
              pork head & brain fritters
              charred mixed onions & blackened okra with onion butter
              english muffin, salted homemade butter, short rib gravy"

              Always fun and interesting to taste Fred Scherrer's wines. I've bought his zin since the 1993 vintage before he struck out on his own. He was asst. winemaker and still making his own label at Dehlinger then.

              He was pouring a chardonnay, 2012 dry rose', Sonoma County Pinot Noir, three zinfandels, and two cabs. I bought the dry rose' ($20). The NV zin is a great bargain at $20. I was really taken by the 2009 Scherrer Vineyard Cabernet ($50) from vines with St George rootstock. Very interesting to taste it side-by-side with 2009 Cab from another section of the vineyard on different rootstock that is dramatically different.

              The open house continues this weekend, friday-sunday.

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                Thanks! Sounds like a plan for this weekend.