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Feb 14, 2013 04:08 PM

Sigh...VDay is such a drag.

Well, we were all excited about trying Pinos for VDay dinner and whatever heinous accident has 620/2222 at a standstill means leftovers at home for us. We are both completely bummed. We were very much looking forward to the amped-up special menu they were offering. I'm sorry, Pinos!

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  1. Maybe our 8 pm arrival met an exhausted staff and chef, they were packed. but as much as I hate to say, we left somewhat underwhelmed (it was our first Pinos special menu). the starter of grilled quail was okay, if a bit bland, but the grilled shrimp with gorgonzola sauce was well balanced and memorable. my entree lobster tail was overcooked to the point it was tough to remove from the shell, and the wife's grilled beef tenderloin was far from her desired medium, pretty much a cold rare center. It was tasty to me, but unfortunately the misses was less than pleased. So your leftovers may have been unfortunate, but you didn't miss the amazing experience / value at least we hoped for. I love them still, but for what they do best, consistently.