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Feb 14, 2013 03:50 PM

Fried Ono (Wahoo) in L.A?

I was recently in Hawaii (stayed in Kona) and had fried Ono fish and chips at Quinns Almost by the sea. Is there any place in L.A that serves Fried Ono (I believe it's also called Wahoo).. I tried Google and yelp search but just came up with the Ono Hawaiian places which don't appear to serve it anyways.


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  1. Its always difficult to eat fish in LA after returning from Hawaii. Its just not as fresh. There is a place called Wahoo's Fish Tacos, but they don't specify if it is really wahoo. If you cook The Fish King in Glendale regularly has wahoo filets, but it won't be like Hawaii.

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      Thanks for the reply....I did go to Wahoo Fish Tacos recently..but didn't see it on the menu.

      Thank you for the suggestion of Fish King, I've heard a lot of good things about it...I don't really cook ...but I aspire to learn.

      1. re: bophisto

        You are very welcome. Best of luck.