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Feb 14, 2013 03:44 PM

Recco's near Roy Thomson Hall? (king/university)

In a 10 minute walk radius, takes reservations, any price point

On my list so far:
- Jules Bistro (love it)
- Volos (never been, lots of great reviews)
- Richmond Station (might try to do a walk in...)


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  1. nota bene
    beer bistro
    ja bistro

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    1. re: aser

      The MF Noodle Bar doesn't take reservations.

      1. re: aser

        +1 JaBistro

        +1 Volos


        Yuzu No Hana





        Nota Bene

        Jacobs (within a brisk 10 minute walk radius, but might be closer to a 12-15 minute walk for others)

        1. re: aser

          Nota Bene for sure - I like that you can eat in the bar area for less ceremony and a quicker getaway.
          Beer Bistro will blow away any remaining capacity that your ears have for actually hearing anything at RTH! (Although I can't argue about the food)

          1. The Shore Club on Wellington might fit the bill. It's right accross the street from RTH. Service is excellent, room is very comfy and not noisey, food is not spectacular, but competent, do not order the stuffed trout, it seemed to be something that was prepared ages ago and frozen to be whipped out on demand, hotel kitchen style. I liked the oysters, although at 4 bucks each, and they were the tiniest I've ever seen, and at their minimum of 4 per order I think that must be the highest price, ounce for ounce I have ever paid.
            A side of mashed spuds would easily feed four people, so don't go crazy ordering expensive sides!
            Steaks and seafood are good.