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Feb 14, 2013 02:36 PM

Best way to reheat bulgogi?

SO apparently couldn't resist our favorite Korean place today and picked up a few orders of bulgogi on the way home. The restaurant is only 30 minutes away, but I imagine that it'll be cool by the time he gets home. I know that many prefer and do eat it cold, but we prefer it warm. Any tips? Just a quick nuke in the microwave on low power until warm?

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  1. I also had bulgogi for lunch today, brought the leftovers home to my son, & he is eating it, room temp, out of the box, but I would reheat in the microwave. The dumplings are still pretty good unreheated-I ate at Joong Mi, in Annandale, my specialicious coupon was expiring...

    1. NO MICROWAVE sorry for yelling.
      Quick toss in a hot Pan should do the trick. You may want to use nonstick since there is sugar in the marinate just do not over heat pan before adding the meat.

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          not if it is nonstick or well seasoned cast iron

      1. i'd reheat in a nonstick skillet on low-medium heat with a half-cover on the skillet. maybe medium proper, and depending on how moist it is, i might sprinkle in just a few drops of water. just a few drops.

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        1. a little spray of h2o (a very little) and under the broiler or in a hot fry pan . Be really brave and try a torch.

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            If only I had a torch that would be a good time.