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Feb 14, 2013 02:05 PM

I really like Red Medicine and Salt's Cure

I’ve been to each a few times. Haven’t tried everything on the menu, but most of what I’ve tried has been awesome.

At Salt’s Cure, the pork chop is heavenly. Perfectly cooked, well spiced, sitting in its own juices. I find myself picking up the bone and gnawing on it.

Had a planked salmon there a few months back. I had never had such tasty salmon. Last night had the rye braised chili pork over onions and grits. Super tender. For dessert there was a grapefruit pie. It was like a cousin to a key lime pie in terms of consistency.

A different time I was there, the guy at the table next to me gave me half of his lamb chops. No shame in taking something that good from a stranger. They were so flavorful.

I might like breakfast at salt’s cure even more than dinner. The griddle cakes, 2 by 2 by 2 of house cured bacon and sausage with eggs is perfect. I can’t think of a better breakfast combo. The breakfast bun is as soft as can be.

I really wanna try that salt’s cure burger and anything else on the menu that folks recommend. Would love to hear about the burger from anyone who’s tried it.

Red Medicine is probably my favorite spot to hit when I splurge a bit. Let’s start with dessert, as is my inclination. That birch ice dish. Comes in a glass bowl that almost looks like a small fish tank. Inside are flavored bubbles, on top is some kind of white chocolate lid that gets crumbled into rest of the dish. Fruit and other stuff inside mixes incredibly with the bubbles and “lid”. I could eat it every day. the pear dessert and the chocolate/coffee/coconut thing is great too.

The chicken dumplings which really aren’t dumplings are one of my favorite dishes. Hot, almost like a meatball, but with a much more delicate texture (again, not really a dumpling) they provide spicy sauce, lime, some herbs and some crunchy onion type things. Perfect.

Brussel sprouts are sort of in nowadays. Seems like every restaurant serves them in some fancy way. Of course the places that serve them with pancetta or some kind of meat are great, but RM does it fully vegetarian, as long as you consider shrimp chips vegetarian. The brussel sprouts come with shrimp chips, whole basil leaves and a gentle sauce. The flavors, texture and crunch of it all is perfect—and its priced reasonably too.

I miss the rice porridge dish, but the toasted grains dish that they replaced it with is almost as good.

What blows me away every time is the uni dish. I’ll admit that I’ve never had uni before. So maybe all uni is this good. But the combination of the tender, smoked uni with Chinese sausage and a cauliflower custard and a bunch of herbs is out of this world. Is all uni this good? Someone enlighten me.

I’ve had many of the protein dishes, the crab, the pork, the beef. They are all great. They bring together great flavors, but I usually hover around the other dishes more. I’ve never had the large format dishes—would love to try them, especially the brisket. Has anyone tried it?

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  1. We really enjoyed the brisket (done with lettuce and dipping sauce and all the little thinly sliced carrots and daikon and cucumber - very Korean like presentation). Really great if you like big, bold tastes.

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    1. re: Servorg

      Thanks, servorg. I'll have to get some friends together and try it. sounds great.

    2. I liked the burger at Salt's Cure, but didn't love it. The meat itself was cooked perfectly to order, medium rare, and was juicy and relatively flavorful, but I felt may have needed a touch of salt. The bun was soft and sturdy enough for the patty. I could not detect the cheese at all. The bacon was not smoked, or had so little smoke, it was bland, I found that odd. And their homemade ketchup just does not have enough tomato or sweetness to do it for me. The plate of fries were addicting though, very good fries. Sounds like their other menu items are decent. How's the chicken salad sandwich? It had a bit too much red onion in it as I watched them prep it, but I would try it next time.

      1. Sounds dreadful.
        Uni is one of the 5 worst tasting items on the planet - just another opinion, you understand.
        And as to any dish requiring either bacon or cheese to make it good is not a great place to start, per other previous comments.

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        1. re: carter

          That's too bad you can't enjoy uni. When it's good it's so damn amazing.

          1. re: Johnny L

            plus one on uni being fantastic. wonder what the other 4 are????

            1. re: Thor123

              Judging by his comment: beef, pork, chicken, seafood

              1. re: chrishei

                Uni is great. If I see it on a menu - it's almost a guarantee I will order it. Too bad you can enjoy it.

                But when it's bad. Pretty nasty stuff.

                But it's one of my favorite things.

                And bacon and cheese? My first thought is a pasta carbonara - which I find most chefs love. (simple, incredibly tasty). Hm. A poached egg, cheese and bacon. On a burger? Gonna have to try that.

          2. re: carter

            You are missing out on uni! What are the other 4?

          3. "Is all uni this good?

            uni: either fantastic or vile.

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            1. I've never had the uni dish that you mentioned, but I think you'll just need to try some uni at a sushi restaurant to figure it out for yourself. My SO liked the uni in the porridge at RM, but she can't stand it as sushi.

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                1. re: Thor123

                  Thor, get thee to Mori. They have Santa Barbara vs Hokkaido uni. Best by themselves so you can appreciate the full nuances of each. For me, Hokkaido uni usually wins except during a couple of months in the winter where Santa Barbara uni really shines. The quail egg is probably used to hide inferior uni.

                  NLK, I also love how the Brussel sprouts are quite possibly the best in town without having to resort to bacon, or pig ears, or lardo, or a combination of the three. Truly impressive. I too miss that porridge but unlike you, that toasted grain dish does nothing to scratch the itch. I suspect they were losing money on that dish. I wouldn't mind if they offered a smaller portion or put it back on the menu with a 50% markup.

                  1. re: Porthos

                    How I would love to do a uni comparison tasting.

                    When I was first served uni at a sushi bar in Gardena years ago, I hated the iodine flavor that overwhelmed my taste buds.

                    Then, farther down the road and years later, a sushi chef I trusted talked me into trying it again and I loved it.

                    1. re: Gypsy Jan

                      That iodine flavor is a mark of inferior uni. Just like fishy sushi is a sign of inferior fish.

                      The uni at Mori is always top notch with sweetness and even a hint of fruit. Not unlike a ripe yellow peach or nectarine at the height of ripeness in the summer. Spectacular stuff. Go on a Tuesday or Friday early in the evening and sit at the sushi bar for optimal results.

                      1. re: Porthos

                        sounds like i have to try the uni more on its own at a fancy sushi restaurant to get a sense. Until i do so, I'll just keep fantasizing about that dish at RM.

                        1. re: nlk

                          Sometimes I will treat a friend to Mori. And sometimes the sushi lover says they're not a fan of uni (I know, I know, how could you claim to be a sushi lover and not like uni...? Pretenders).

                          But I make a tiny effort to convince them it's great, prolly one of the best things ever, but "You don't have to if you don't want to. I will be happy to eat your portion." Which more often than not, they push it my way. Great for me!