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Feb 14, 2013 01:49 PM

MKE - Cafe Hollander in Tosa

Went to Cafe Hollander last night for the first time. I have never spent much time in Tosa, but I might have to return in the near future. The food was fine...nothing I would write up as spectacular, but the mushroom flatbread was good enough for a light dinner.

Highlight of the night...the Bloody Marys were excellent! I ordered the Milwaukean - Rehorst vodka, horseradish, bacon, and cheddar. I would have been equally happy with any of the other bloodys on the menu. Definitely a fun spot for a casual dinner and drinks.

Where else can I get dinner in a glass like this?

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  1. That is right down the road from our neighborhood. I agree - great bloody! Decent food, occasionally inconsistent.

    My other favorite spot for a "whole meal" bloody mary is Highland House in Mequon or Sheboygan.

    1. Sobelman's on St Paul is fairly well reknown for their Bloody Marys with a cheeseburger slider garnish; here's a lonk to a picture:

      4th Base on National also does a fairly elaborate Bloody Mary.

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        I just heard about Sobelman's Bloody Mary a few weeks ago...and I really need to try one soon. I am a recent convert to Bloody Marys since in the past they just tasted like cold tomato soup to me. About a year ago someone gave me an "extra spicy" Blood Mary and I realized it was the spice I needed. Now I have to try them wherever I go as long as the server tells me they're spicy.

        1. re: atcpa

          I always make sure to ask for it spicy; it leaves less to chance.